Merry Christmas Eve!

Hello! I hope you’ve had a cozy day today. We’ve had a few (very few) snow flurries today; they were beautiful.

It is sooo cold here. My husband and I braved the 1°F windchill and walked a couple of miles in the neighborhood. With 2 pairs of gloves and 2 pairs of socks my extremities stayed toasty warm. I couldn’t believe they did with how cold it was. BTW, yesterday was 53°F!

I made a short vlog from the last four days–the fourth week of Advent. It’s up on YouTube now. In the vlog I spend some time in my sewing room, go through a drive-thru light show, show the continuation of 12 days of holiday movies–also share some pics of my holiday decorations. I hope you enjoy it.

I finished machine sewing Penny’s dress yesterday. (I still need to complete the hand sewing) I love it; it’s so sweet and girly. I show more footage of me making this in my vlogs.

Take care! Merry Merry… Sending a Christmas hug to you. 🤗🎄

14 thoughts on “Merry Christmas Eve!

  1. Joy

    Can’t believe you were out walking in that cold of weather. Here in northern CA, our weather too has been cold. Frost. Burr. Warmest place is in the car with the seat warmers on. Not used to it being that cold for long. 🙂 Hope your Christmas is jolly!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      I hope you had a nice and relaxing Christmas, Joy. We are warming up a little–hope you are too. Yep, those seat warmers are the best! Enjoy this day after! ❤️

  2. wondereoman

    Have a very happy Christmas. Thank you for all the videos, most enjoyable. You have a lovely view from your window and to see some snow must make it feel more festive. Enjoy your day!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you for the Christmas wishes, wondereoman. I am happy you enjoyed watching my videos. They are fun to make. We are very fortunate to have inspiring views to look at out our windows. I hope your holiday was most joyous. Enjoy this day after. ❤️

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Bonjour Patricia. Vous êtes les bienvenus. Je suis heureux que vous ayez apprécié. Avoir un merveilleux week-end. J’espère que c’est relaxant. ❤️
      Hello, Patricia. You are very welcome. I am happy you enjoyed. Have a wonderful weekend. I hope it is relaxing. ❤️

  3. Terrigirl2020

    Hi Cindy , Christmas eve was quite busy actually as we hosted Christmas day for the first time with fewer people than normal. Thursday the snow came and the wind ! Christmas eve morning it was 0 degrees with a minus 24 windchill! I am glad you stayed nice and warm on your walk! I will look at your vlog ! Aww Penny’s dress is so cute , and your right so girly , I love that! I hope you had a blessed Christmas with your family , sending love and hugs to you all, Terri xo.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello, Terri. I heard MN was getting snow. Did you get a lot? Still zero here. 😦 Minus 24 sounds crazy cold. Ours was minus 2 at the coldest and I thought that was bad. No amount of clothing could keep me warm at -24! I love how Penny’s dress turned out–can’t wait to finish it and start knitting her tiny sweater. ❤️ and 🤗 to you!

      1. Terrigirl2020

        WE got 5 or 6 inches Cindy, it was so windy that it was in drifts. It is a balmy 19 degrees now early morning . Looking forward to seeing Penny’s sweater. Sending love and hugs back to you Cindy, Terri xo.

  4. Terrigirl2020

    I just watched the video !! Aww this is a beautiful insight into your life and home Cindy! Lovely seeing you on your laptop . wow you were certainly stocking up for Christmas, the cart was really full! I love the little baby Jesus musical ornament you got from your parents, great memories I am sure. They are all beautiful though , the one with the kids and the tree with cookies for santa is so special. Thank you for the present wrapping lesson! you do good. I like that you have a professional tape dispenser, I need to put that on the list! I love watching you sew ! You are so good how you move the pins right at the last second. Im glad to have caught Penny’s dress being made. The light show is beautiful ! Thanks for sharing , Terri xo.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you for watching, Terri! ❤️ Yes, we stocked up. We hadn’t gone to the grocery store in a couple of weeks I think… and it showed.
      I enjoyed recording clips of my treasured decorations. Many of them are from my mom or were my mom’s. They mean so much to me.
      Thanks for the compliment on my gift wrapping. I feel like I’m a bit sloppy in that department though. You should see my husband’s wrapping! The packages are perfect. Yes, that tape dispenser helps a lot. I think it’s from the office supply store.
      Sometimes I miss a pin then there’s the possibility of the needle hitting it and breaking. That’s not fun–always makes me jump.
      Thank you for commenting and watching the video. ❤️ Have a relaxing weekend–you’ve earned it!

      1. Terrigirl2020

        we all have to stock up when needed Cindy! I am sure when you see your Mom’s items it brings great joy to you. i don’t see the sloppy you speak of in wrapping gifts Madam !! Your welcome, it was so relaxing watching the video. The weekend has been pretty relaxing so far , I hope yours is too, take care, Terri xo.

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