AG Cardigan

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Free American Girl Cardigan Pattern


I wrote this pattern for someone who already knows how to knit, but needs extra help reading the pattern.

Let me know what you think and enjoy!

Click on the link below to get the free PDF pattern.

*******PLEASE note the correction listed underneath the download link.*******

American Girl Cardigan Pattern

Correction in pattern: On page 4 of pattern, row 6 instructions, the K2tog should say to knit front and back in the stitch before and after the markers.  So sorry about this.  I hope this didn’t mix anyone up.  Thanks, Lisa, for letting me know.

24 thoughts on “AG Cardigan

  1. Jan

    Thanks so much Cindy. My husband printed the pattern for me and didn’t notice the correction. I’m always interested in technique so like to know the designers choice.

  2. creations248

    Seems like a very nice pattern, wel, written and I should be able to size up,and down slightly for the dolls I need. Mary-Gold so needs a winter sweater.

    i love your work in general and I am eager to try your pattern. Thank you for making it a available. Cathy J. Matthews. (CathyJ248)

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Cathy,
      Hope it works for you. Be sure to note the correction on shown on this page for the pattern, should be kf&b throughout the yoke shaping, not k2tog.

  3. Mary

    If I’m using Aloft super kid mohair lace yarn and want to knit for my Amelia thimble what would the cast on be? How would I use this sweater pattern for my Amelia that is so small?

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      I’d suggest knitting swatches with the Aloft on small needles first to get the fabric you like. If the fabric is too stiff, go up a needle size, if too open, go down. Measure stitches of the swatch you like, then measure the doll. Use the pattern as a “how to”. It helps to knit the pattern as shown to get the process down in your head. I’m sure there is an AG doll out there that would love a sweater. Sorry, I cannot give you exact numbers as everyone knits with a different tension.

  4. Glenda Symons

    I am in Australia and Inam going to knit this pattern but was wondering what ply sport weight wool is.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Glenda,
      In the US we refer to plies as the number of strands twisted together, so a bulky yarn can be single ply in addition to a lace yarn being single ply. I DID find a chart on Ravelry that might help you.
      They say that sport weight is 5 ply. The weight I used is between fingering (baby, sock) and DK (DK is one weight smaller than the most popular worsted).
      Here is the link to the yarn I used.
      I hope this helps.

  5. dien

    Hi, thanks so much for this pattern, it was the first knitted item I have ever made,. This pattern is perfect, it is clear enough for a beginner. I started with first looking up all the stitches on you tube. I have knitted quite a bit of doll sweaters now, but this is still my favourite basis by far. Without this pattern I would not be where I am now, you make it less intimidating. Thanks a million!!!

  6. Maryfairy

    Thank you for such a lovely pattern Cindy, so simple and hardly any sewing involved. I make a.g. outfits for my granddaughters and great-nieces and am now on my 14th cardigan since Easter. I have tried to embroider a few of them, as your lovely little cardigans are such an inspiration to me. I will be putting mine on Ravelry when I have them done and will message you when i do. I love all of your work and love it when you put a new ensemble on your website. Thanks again:) Mary

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Wow, Mary! You are knitting up a storm! I am happy you are enjoying the pattern. You must have very happy little girls in your life. Happy continued knitting!

  7. Maureen

    Love your site and gorgeous embroidered cardigans, I have been looking for a cardigan for AG for some time, your pattern is just what I wanted, thank you so much.

  8. Pat Fay

    Just made this sweater – turned out great, and easy to follow directions!! Thank you!!! Am wondering if you have it in a smaller size for the American Girl Welly dolls?? Thanks again!

  9. Caitlyn

    I’m still pretty new to knitting. On page 4 rows 8-25 it says to repeat rows 6 and 7. Does that mean still kf&b in the stitches before and after the st marker (e.g. the 10th st kf&b in the 9th and 11th st) or are you supposed to move where the st marker goes to get the lines the stitches create to separate the sections. My crochet brain is confused haha

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Caitlyn. Thanks for asking–I’m happy to help. When you get to the stitch before the ring marker do this in the next two stitches: Kf&b, slip marker, Kf&b, and continue on until you get to the next ring marker. The sections on either side of the marker will grow in stitches. You will also begin to see a diagonal line form where the 2 Kf&b stitches occur side by side. Don’t count and move the marker, simply slip it to the right hand needle when you get to it. Does this make sense?


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