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Pabst Mansion Christmas Twilight Tour

Merry Christmas Eve to all who celebrate Christmas!  I am sitting here writing to you from cozy and Christmasy northern Illinois.  I have a fire in the fireplace, the Christmas tree is lit, and the finest powdered sugar snow is falling outside.  It’s only been snowing for a short time; the grass is still bare, but the rooftops and paved surfaces are frosted white.

Today I have more photos to show you from our Twilight Tour at the Pabst Mansion.

I wish I was able to capture the entire vertical space of the grand staircase.  It is quite impressive to say the least.  It rises up 3 stories with a landing and multiple turns between each floor.  So, you go up about 8 stairs, turn right and go up some more stairs, then you reach a rectangular landing with doors that open to the outside along the left and a little balcony that oversees the foyer on the right, after walking along the landing you then turn and go up the last 8 or so stairs to get to the next floor.  At the very top of the staircase is a huge stained glass skylight that opens for ventilation on warm days.

The photo below was taken on the main floor looking up to the first two sets of stairs.

pabst mansion staircase 3644

The photo below is taken standing on the first balcony and looking down to the foyer.

pabst mansion staircase 3645

This was taken on the third floor, standing on that floor’s foyer.  You can see the doors or windows that open to the outside for warm weather ventilation.

pabst mansion staircase 3693

And another from the third floor.

pabst mansion staircase 3694

Today I’d also like to show you Elsbeth’s room.  She is the granddaughter whom Captain and Mrs. Pabst adopted.  Elsbeth had a huge bedroom on the second floor.  It faced the front of the house, and must have been a sunny room having southern and western facing windows.

pabst mansion elsbeth's room 3653

Elsbeth’s portrait hangs above the fireplace.  She is the only child to be raised in the mansion.  This room is still going through renovation.

pabst mansion elsbeth's room 3652

pabst mansion elsbeth's room 3654

Elsbeth’s bathroom still has the original marble sink and tile.  Off the bathroom is a little dressing room with another gorgeous windowsill and built in closet.

pabst mansion elsbeth's room 3655

pabst mansion elsbeth's room 3657

pabst mansion elsbeth's room 3656

I hope you enjoyed today’s Pabst Mansion tour of the Grand Staircase and Elsbeth’s Bedroom.  I still have lots more to show you, but…

I’ll say goodbye for today.  I know we all probably still have lots to do for Christmas.

Sending you a Christmas Eve blessing for everything wonderful on this magical day.

Santa’s Helpers

I presently have six different dolls all dressed up in Christmas ensembles, and the poor things have nowhere to go.  How about posing for some photos, girls?  Let’s show everyone how cute you all are.  Say cheese!

Even though all six dolls are of different proportions and sizes, I think they all look adorable together, don’t you, too?

ivy patience sugar millie amelia rose180

While the girls were modeling, I put them to “work” by having them add some Christmas spirit to my studio.  Sugar (Fairyland Pukipuki) and Amelia Thimble brought around the jingle bells so that we all can add our own holiday ring-a-linging.  Patience and Millie (by Kaye Wiggs) made tiny everlasting snowmen, and Rose (Boneka/Effner) brought some  “heart” into the mix.  Ivy, a handmade mohair bear from Warm Heart Bears showed she had some real paper cutting skills.  How cute are those paper snowflakes!  Great job, Ivy!  Even the Christmas stripe-y dachshund carried a wreath for hanging.

We had a fun day today!

Patience’s ensemble (SOLD) and Millie’s ensemble are currently available on my website.  Sugar, Amelia Thimble, and Rose’s will be available this coming weekend and into next week.  Be sure to keep an eye out here and on Facebook if you are interested.

millie rose 187.jpg

I hope that you are enjoying this first week of the holiday season.  I love this time before Christmas; there’s anticipatory magic in the air.

In Progress Around Here

The first week of January has, of course, flown by!  With my daughter still home (by the way, I love having her home; I am not at all complaining, just mentioning it. 🙂 ) I am not getting as much done as I normally do, but I am making some progress on a sweater dress for the Little Darlings, and also writing a pattern as I go.

I finished up the embroidery on the sweater dress yesterday, and got the buttons sewn on.  I chose a pink wool heather since I needed some pink in my life after all the red and green Christmas colors, and before that, autumnal colors.   The very subtle shades of lavender and warm red in this pink heather make it a yarn choice that I go to again and again.



This is the only piece of the ensemble completed.  I’m still trying to decide on either a headband or beret.

Right now all three of my Little Darlings are clamoring to model this ensemble for me.  Hmm, I wonder whom it will be . . .

On another note, yesterday was a day of putting away Christmas and making an “Unthanksgiving Dinner” to get rid of extra Thanksgiving ingredients that have been hanging around in the freezer and pantry.  The end result was so much like a real Thanksgiving dinner; the only thing we didn’t have was a pumpkin pie!



My daughter turned her dinner into a healthier version with turkey (no gravy) and a zucchini sliced like spaghetti.  She uses a spiralizer to make her “zucchetti”.


Even though it’s great to get the house back in order, it’s sad to put all of the decorations away.  The house seems so dark without the Christmas tree lights twinkling in the living and family rooms.  We do leave the strands of  white lights around the kitchen bay window; I enjoy them very much on these dark days.




Sigh . . . I cannot wait until next November when we do it all again.

I hope you all are having a great weekend.

Thanks for visiting!  Bye for now!