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Look What’s Blooming

Look what’s blooming in my winter garden! It’s Alisha in her new ensemble. Doesn’t she look sweet? I love these colors on her, rosy mauves and sage/mint green.

I dyed the merino wool for her cardigan in a pale cool mauve. I love the snug 3/4 length sleeves on her–they highlight her graceful arms and hands. Fluttery rosebuds are embroidered on the cardigan. (I started embroidering with fully opened roses and it was too heavy looking.)

I have a new studio vlog video on YouTube. If you like you can watch and see what else I’ve been up to these past days in February.

Wishing you, my friends, a ‘love-ly’ Valentine’s Day weekend! I appreciate all of you! Thank you for reading my blog and watching my videos. ūüíĖ

Hello To You

I don’t have anything finished to show you; I simply wanted to say hi, share a few photos, and let you know what I’m working on. ¬†I have a very optimistic “to do” list for today, so this will be short. ¬†Whenever I feel things are taking too long to get finished I bring out my pad of paper and break down, into steps, what I hope to get done in a given day.

Today, I plan on finishing a dress for Patsy/Ann Estelle. ¬†The skirt is all gathered and pinned to the bodice; I just need to sew the two pieces together. ¬†Then, I will hand stitch the facing, sew on the snaps and buttons. ¬†Next, the sweater needs to be sewn up at the underarm and I’ll weave in the ends. ¬†I really want to complete the embroidery for the sweater. ¬†Not sure that will happen, but it’s on the list.

As for my weekend, that involved bringing my daughter back to school. ¬†My “baby” is all tucked in at college to begin her second semester. ¬†I guess it was easier leaving her there this time than in August. ¬†But, it was still by no means easy! ¬†I’m not sure it will ever be easy. ¬†I keep telling myself that to miss her so very much means that I love having her around so very much, a blessing that is. ¬†Yes!

We are still in the thick of dreary weather.  Yesterday morning we had freezing rain which, thank goodness, turned to rain as the temperature warmed above freezing later in the day.  We are experiencing temps this week which are warmer than normal for this time of year.  Yay!  We even had a thunderstorm during the night!  It sounded like springtime!


This was taken yesterday morning. ¬†I’m glad the bird feeder was empty; those icicles look dangerous.


There’s nothing like orchids starting to bloom to lift the spirits.


In my studio Tulah is still playing Barbies, and has adopted a little chihuahua. ¬†We’re currently working on names for her poodle and her chihuahua. ¬†She’s quite an indecisive little doll.


I think I’ve shown you this doll¬†(pattern here) before as I’ve made her years and years ago. ¬†She is made from a free pattern by Emily Martin (Black Apple). ¬†She is a calming presence in my studio, always relaxed with a little smile on her face. ¬†Dolly is all decked out in a Big Ann Estelle scarf and a crocheted rose brooch¬†by Alla Koval (My Little City Girl), both also made years ago.


This¬†crochet hook¬†set was a¬†Christmas present, and I can’t wait to use them. ¬†They are the tiny sizes for use with crochet thread. ¬†I’ll use them for crocheting flowers, purses, and other accessories. ¬†Those handle colors are ‚̧ !


Sitting around my studio is a beret for Patience which never got used (yet, anyway) and Little Darling fingerless mitts. ¬†This fabric is something I purchased late summer (I think) and can’t wait to use. ¬†It’s not Liberty fabric, but that is what the prints remind me of. ¬†Sorry, I can’t remember the name of the collection. ¬†I am sure it’s a Japanese fabric though.

Well, I had better get to work on my list! ¬†I’ve enjoyed chatting with you today. ¬†Wishing you all a wonderful week!

Thank you for visiting!  Bye for now.

WIP, Studio, and Some Doll Measurements

Sorry, nothing new to show you today, but I have a few doll measurements and studio shots. ¬†And, I wanted to say hello! ¬†It’s always¬†nice to say hello to you.

I hope you are having a great weekend. ¬†We are still in summer mode here. ¬†It’s a great day to be outside. ¬†As soon as I finish this post I am heading outside to help my husband paint the railing on our deck, so this will be quick.

Wendi , who reads my blog, recently adopted an adorable 10″ Boneka sculpted by Dianna Effner. ¬†It isn’t the easiest to find clothing for these girls, so she was wondering if Bethany (Helen Kish 12″) or Millie (Kaye Wiggs 11″ BJD) would fit them. ¬†I wish I had one of these 10″ dolls, but I don’t, so I took a couple of side-by-side shots of the two I do have and took a few measurements. ¬† ¬†I hope this helps you, Wendi, . . . and anyone else wondering the same thing.


Arms outstretched to the sides, measurement from wrist, slightly over shoulders, to other wrist:

Bethany, 8-1/8″ to 8-1/4″ ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Millie, 7-3/8″ to 7-1/2″

Circumference of upper arm:

Bethany, 2″ ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Millie, 1-1/2″

Circumference of hand (for sleeves to pass over):

Bethany,¬†2-3/8″ ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Millie, 2″


Bethany, 5-3/8″ ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Millie, 4-5/8″

Top of shoulder to knee joint:

Bethany, 6-1/4″ ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Millie, 5-3/4″


Bethany, 2-1/2″ ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Millie, 2-1/8″

I lined up their shoulders in the shot below.  You can easily see the differences in their torso lengths and widths.


If there’s another measurement that would help, please let me knot, I’d be happy to help.

I’m working on an ensemble for the Little Darlings. ¬†Gina grabbed this one before Lucy and Alice could see I was even working on something for them. ¬†I am currently knitting a hat with those cute little ear flaps to go with this ensemble. ¬†I think a scarf or two would be cute also.



Last week the tinies got into the Halloween costume box. ¬†Look what they found! ¬†I crocheted these costumes for Kelly 10+ years ago! ¬†Sugar (Fairyland’s Pukipuki) discovered they fit her perfectly. ¬†She decided to dress up as a garden fairy (for now). ¬†Poor Amelia Thimble is too small, but is begging for a costume of her own. ¬†Maybe, Amelia, we’ll see!


That’s all for today. ¬†Thanks for stopping by! ¬†I love it that you did! ‚̧