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Let the Holiday Magic Begin

This year I am SO ready to begin decorating for Christmas. On one hand I absolutely cannot believe it is that time of year, but on the other hand I am ready and excited for it. Are you feeling festive earlier this year? We already have quite a few houses in our neighborhood with their Christmas lights turned on. I think others may be feeling the same as me…???

Way back in August I purchased tickets for the Chicago Botanic Gardens Lightscape event. This event sold out so quickly last year, so I purchased the tickets on the day they went on sale. We picked a random date which happened to be this past Saturday. It was a beautiful evening–just cool enough and dry (rain had been predicted for Saturday earlier in the week). We got lucky because you just never know what the weather will be like on November 21st when it is still mid August. It was a festive start to the season… and so good to be out in society. This event is totally outdoors and everyone stayed far enough apart and wore masks. I felt very safe.

My favorite exhibit was the waterfall made with lights. It originally is the waterfall garden, but they dry it out for the winter. It’s hard to capture the essence on video, but trust me it was amazing!

Other news! I finished a holiday ensemble for Gina. Here are a few pictures.

Gina’s cardigan was knit with my Light Cardigan Little Darling pattern. I used the instructions for the long sleeved version and the longest body length. I added an eyelet lace design on the neckline and hemline. I think it worked better on the hemline; it kind of gets lost on the neckline. It’s probably because I had to add all of the missed increases right after the lace pattern. I also added a lace motif on each sleeve which I like.

Gina’s ear flap hat was the sample I made for my newest pattern. I ended up changing the pom pom from pink to red because it needed a little red to coordinate with the rest of the ensemble.

The Christmas stocking was knit with a free pattern from Little Cotton Rabbits. I made the leg 4 stitches narrower, but otherwise followed the pattern as written. It was quick but fiddly. I am not keen on executing a p2tog tbl. I think it only needed to be made a few times, but I found it very difficult and put me off of the whole pattern. I wonder if a regular p2tog would work…

I published a YouTube video from my past week’s work or so. While I worked on this ensemble I took video here and there. It’s not a tutorial–just a virtual visit with me while I create it. Please join me.

I wish all of you (who celebrate) a very Happy and safe Thanksgiving. Hugs to all of you, my friends. ๐Ÿค— โค๏ธ

The End of October… already

Wow! This month has flown by! Do you agree? Tiny Amelia Thimble would like to say Happy Halloween to you! She hopes it is a fun and safe day for all trick-or-treaters. It will be a bit different for us this year. We will be putting candy in plastic bags and spreading them out on the driveway so everyone can stay safe–lots of space and only touching their own treat. Hope it works.

“Tiny Punkin” from 2014

More about Amelia’s Halloween ensemble on this 2014 post.

This past week I finished up Alice’s ensemble so now all three of my Little Darlings are wearing new outfits. They don’t necessarily coordinate, but that’s okay; they are very excited to ALL have a chance to show you their new fall finery. Smiles and happiness all around; this trio doesn’t get many picture taking opportunities.

My three Little Darlings dressed for fall.

Yesterday evening I published a video, embroidering bullion roses. If you’d like to watch me embroider the two-rose motif on Alice’s pink sweater coat then this one is for you. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve been wanting to show you this for a LONG time. Finally…

Let me know what you think, or if there is something I missed.

I think I forgot to mention this next video. In it I am trying to decide which fabric for Alice’s dress. I know I asked all of you–thank you so much for your suggestions. It’s so much fun for me to hear your opinions! As I looked back I saw that I had already used a couple of these fabrics for Little Darling dresses and one I even used twice. I ended up picking one I hadn’t used before for these dolls.

Today I am going to start knitting the hat which will be the first sample for the Little Darling Ear Flap Hat pattern. It’s a beautiful day, so I’ll definitely get out for a walk with the pup… and maybe do a little vacuuming. That will most likely take me to dinner time.

I wish you all a great weekend! Stay safe and enjoy! ๐ŸŽƒ Thank you for visiting with me today. ๐Ÿงก I’d love to know how your town is doing Halloween this year. Bye for now…

It’s the Week-End

Hello to you. How are you? Thank you for all the well wishes. โค You are wonderful and kind! It turns out I have a little infection which was causing my elevated temperature. My doctor prescribed an antiobiotic and I am feeling better. What a relief! My heart goes out to all those who are battling covid. It’s sure is scary.

Mid week I started writing a knitting pattern for a Little Darling’s striped ear flap hat. I am going to include a video link with the pattern that will help with certain steps such as picking up stitches for the ear flaps, the i-cord ties, changing colors for the stripes, making jogless stripes, etc.

Here is my first test piece from my messy notebook. I am writing the pattern and will knit another hat from that to make sure it is all correct. The stripes can be changed in height to the knitter’s liking. I have a page in the pattern with a shaped graph for coloring. ๐Ÿ™‚

Yesterday, I started embroidering the above pink sweater coat. I started taking some video embroidering the bullion roses. I recorded how I start–motif placement and motif design. Still more to do with this.

Today I published a You Tube video showing how I embroidered the apples on Lucy’s blue mohair cardigan. I must say that embroidering this sweater was more ripping out than stitching–not so much the apples, but the blossoms. Sometimes those little embroidery fairies aren’t available to help me. (lol) This video is only about embroidering the apples. Future videos will show embroidering other motifs.

So, that’s been my week work-wise since Wednesday or so.

wiMy husband had a birthday this week. My daughter and I managed to find some gifts to order for hime online… and they arrived in time. Always a plus! We baked him a pumpkin cheesecake with a pecan crust–very yummy. We also did our first carry out meal since forever. I don’t even think I’ve eaten out before this this year–no lie!

Sending you happy wishes for a great weekend. โค What are you up to… or making? Please share if you’d like to.