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Happiness is Yellow–Choosing Embroidery Colors

Hello! ❤

In my last post I showed you my newly knitted and blocked yellow sweater dress for the Little Darling dolls.  Usually, I have a print fabric that guides my embroidery thread colors.  This dress, having no print fabric to go along with the ensemble, is open to whatever embroidery colors I choose.

I looked through past knitwear made with this same yellow thread (Aunt Lydia’s Bamboo Crochet Thread) and found some palettes that looked inspiring to me.  I was surprised to see the dresses are all tiny ones.  Hmm…  I guess I had it in my head to ‘save’ this sunshiny yellow bamboo thread because it is now discontinued.  Well, that’s no fun!  I hereby vow to ‘use it up’ and make sweaters or sweater dresses for each of my girls (dolls) who wants one.


“Little Sunshine”, 2013

Tiny Bit of Sunshine 357 wm

“Tiny Bit of Sunshine”, 2013

a sunny day 609

“A Sunny Day”, 2015

golden sunshine 631

“Golden Sunshine”, 2014

fall sunshine 087 wm

“Fall Sunshine”, 2013

Pretty Autumn 434

“Pretty Autumn”, 2013

sunshine and rosebuds 801

“Sunshine and Rosebuds”, 2016

And here’s one made for Patience–no embroidery, but love the fabric’s color palette, very summery.

sunshine & posies 427

“Sunshine & Posies”, 2015

So, which palette(s) is/are your favorite(s)?  I’d love to know…


“Color Me Sunny”

Hello all!  I have a new ensemble to show you today.  Lucy, my Little Darling, is here to model it for you.

My newest ensemble is yellow!  To be honest, yellow isn’t a color I gravitate towards using often.  I don’t know why I don’t choose yellow more often; it’s such a happy and warm color.

Sometimes when I am least excited about sewing with a fabric, well, that’s when I am pleasantly surprised.  While creating this ensemble all the pieces fell easily in place, and I grew more and more excited about it.  Lucy’s radiant smile doesn’t hurt either.

color me sunny 470

The golden yellow roses on this print are simple, only a couple of shades, but very pretty.  The feel of the fabric is wonderful too, softer than most other cotton prints; it may be a combed cotton.  The background is a warm white, so I chose matching English cotton Cluny lace to decorate the skirt’s hemline.

color me sunny 497

color me sunny 484

color me sunny 451

The golden yellow mohair/silk lace yarn in my stash went beautifully with this print.  I chose to knit a simple lace capelet and embroider warm white roses with yellow centers randomly on the panels.  The capelet closes at the neckline with a golden yellow pearl and loop.

color me sunny 463

Lucy’s lace rose hair tie is made with the same lace as used for the dress.  The center is decorated with another golden yellow glass pearl.  I had the perfect green shades of wool felt, so used it to make two leaf shapes, and a little cotton crochet chain bow adds daintiness.  Instead of tying the hair tie into the hair, it simply slips into the hair with a hand made bobby pin.

color me sunny 445

Gina has picked a sunny yellow bouquet for you.  It is tied with nylon English cotton Cluny lace and matching pale yellow rayon ribbon.

This ensemble called for pretty jewelry.  I made a choker with Czech glass crystals, 14k gold-filled beads, foil lined Delica beads.  The beads are strung on jewelry thread with bead tips to hide the knots.  I crafted a hook out of gold-filled wire to make closing the choker as easy as possible.  The bracelet is made with the same crystals and gold beads.  A delicate heart that matches the other golden yellow pearls dangles from the bracelet to show that this set was made with great care and love.

Very pale yellow hand dyed cotton Lycra® tights complete this happy ensemble.

color me sunny 465

“Color Me Sunny” will be available tonight (April 25, 2017) at 7:00 pm CST,

“Holiday Ready”

As I sit here on this dark December morning there is a bit of anticipation in the air.  We are awaiting snow, and it is almost here!  I’m not sure how much we’ll get, it’s barely freezing, but it’ll be a treat watching it fall.

How are your holiday preparations coming along?  We are moving along nicely here.  Most of our indoor decorating is finished, and we are enjoying our cozy holiday lights, Christmas tree(s), and the many holiday decorations.  It was extra special (and a little sad) this year as I got to unwrap (for the first time) Christmas decorations and ornaments from my parents.  I think that we will maybe (hopefully) get some lights outside . . . or a wreath . . . or something.

My Little Darling, Alice, is very holiday ready in her new ensemble.  I had an impossible time passing up (so, what’s new!) this snowman print by Lori Holt for Riley Blake Designs.  It came in a few different colorways, but I decided on yellow because it reminded me of those super sunshiny days after a snowstorm . . . and it is such a happy color.

I wanted to make Alice’s set as Christmasy as possible so I picked the red and green from the snowmen’s scarves to include in the ensemble.



The snowy white fuzzy mohair sweater is embroidered with more festivity—holly and evergreen motifs.  Sparkly bright red crystal beads are used for the buttons.  Alice’s beret is hand knit with hand dyed wool which is in matching bright red.  Her snowball pom pom matches the sweater’s yarn.  A pop of green was needed at the neckline so a skinny green scarf with red/white fringe does the job.

holiday-ready-146Delicate white lace tights, a snowman miniature ornament, and sparkly bracelet (with snowflake charm) complete Alice’s festive look.




“Holiday Ready” for the Little Darlings will be available tonight (December 4, 2016) at 7:00 pm CST,