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Happiness is Yellow–Choosing Embroidery Colors

Hello! ❤

In my last post I showed you my newly knitted and blocked yellow sweater dress for the Little Darling dolls.  Usually, I have a print fabric that guides my embroidery thread colors.  This dress, having no print fabric to go along with the ensemble, is open to whatever embroidery colors I choose.

I looked through past knitwear made with this same yellow thread (Aunt Lydia’s Bamboo Crochet Thread) and found some palettes that looked inspiring to me.  I was surprised to see the dresses are all tiny ones.  Hmm…  I guess I had it in my head to ‘save’ this sunshiny yellow bamboo thread because it is now discontinued.  Well, that’s no fun!  I hereby vow to ‘use it up’ and make sweaters or sweater dresses for each of my girls (dolls) who wants one.


“Little Sunshine”, 2013

Tiny Bit of Sunshine 357 wm

“Tiny Bit of Sunshine”, 2013

a sunny day 609

“A Sunny Day”, 2015

golden sunshine 631

“Golden Sunshine”, 2014

fall sunshine 087 wm

“Fall Sunshine”, 2013

Pretty Autumn 434

“Pretty Autumn”, 2013

sunshine and rosebuds 801

“Sunshine and Rosebuds”, 2016

And here’s one made for Patience–no embroidery, but love the fabric’s color palette, very summery.

sunshine & posies 427

“Sunshine & Posies”, 2015

So, which palette(s) is/are your favorite(s)?  I’d love to know…



Been working away…  I have some work in progress photos to share with you before everything is completed and put on my website.

wip 243

A collection of balls of yarn that I recently used for a sweater that I knit for Tonner’s Patsy doll.

wip 247

I used a few of these miniscule buttons for the sweater’s decoration too.  These are too small to actually use for buttons, but they make cute decorations.  The jar is only about an inch tall!

wip 190

I love striped sweaters, but the ends, oh, the ends that are left for weaving in.  That I do not like.  As my striped sweater gets closer and closer to being completed, instead of being excited, I feel a sinking feeling.  Those ends are multiplying like crazy.  Ok, this is silly, but I had so many loose ends from this sweater that I had to count them.  Ten stripes times two ends each, times three sections (two sleeves and one body) equals 60 ends!

wip 249

Finished!!!  Yeah!!!  This is my scrap bowl after getting all those ends woven in and snipped off.  What a feeling of accomplishment!

wip 254

I had some scrumptious new lace arrive in the last couple of weeks from England.  This is a very fine cotton cluny lace and oh, so beautiful!  I love it so much.   I have more coming next week…a narrower lace and ecru in color.  This is a winter white color with a 3/4″ width.

wip 9-21-13

And, last but not least, here is a picture of Patience’s new sweater on the blocking board.  You can see the coordinating dress fabric and embroidery floss that I have gathered for this project.  I ended up not using all of the colors of floss though.  This happens quite often.  My projects most always deviate from my well thought out plans.  I find that what I thought would look nice, in actuality looks pretty bad.  In this case the browns and darker aqua didn’t work.  The finished outfit ended up being much softer in color.  I am very happy with it and can’t wait to share pictures of Patience modeling her new outfit for you.  Of course Amelia Thimble has a coordinated dress too.