Look What’s Blooming

Look what’s blooming in my winter garden! It’s Alisha in her new ensemble. Doesn’t she look sweet? I love these colors on her, rosy mauves and sage/mint green.

I dyed the merino wool for her cardigan in a pale cool mauve. I love the snug 3/4 length sleeves on her–they highlight her graceful arms and hands. Fluttery rosebuds are embroidered on the cardigan. (I started embroidering with fully opened roses and it was too heavy looking.)

I have a new studio vlog video on YouTube. If you like you can watch and see what else I’ve been up to these past days in February.

Wishing you, my friends, a ‘love-ly’ Valentine’s Day weekend! I appreciate all of you! Thank you for reading my blog and watching my videos. 💖

17 thoughts on “Look What’s Blooming

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Eleanor. Not at the moment. I have been trying to figure out how to make this happen, but still have some things to figure out. Thanks for asking. ❤️

  1. Donna

    I so enjoy your blog posts and videos! It is interesting to watch you work, and to learn from all the tips you share.
    The small light ring you are using in the photo shoot is a great idea! What is it called? I would love to get one!

      1. Donna

        Thank you for the information, Cindy! I was so taken with the neat little light ring that I completely neglected to tell you how lovely I think Alisha’s new ensemble is. She looks so dainty and “flowerful” – a promise of spring in the midst of winter (it’s pretty cold here too).

  2. Wendy Marsh

    Alisha is so sweet. I enjoyed watching your blog. The embroidery on the cardigan is beautiful.
    Sadly I can no longer do the fine embroidery as arthritis doesn’t allow me to be able to grip the fine needles.
    I love watching your outdoor shots of the snow. Take care💐

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Wendy. Thanks for watching and commenting.
      I am so sorry to hear that you cannot do fine embroidery any longer. Are you able to do embroidery with crewel yarn? Your knitting and sewing is just beautiful! Little Grace is always looking as cute as can be.
      Enjoy your day, Wendy! ❤️

      1. Wendy Marsh

        Good morning Cindy.
        I haven’t tried the crewel embroidery, but will give it a go. The arthritis in the base of my right thumb is particularly bad and as I am right handed I am having trouble with everything in life. My sewing and knitting is done in short periods, thank goodness for my craft room. At least I can keep work in progress on the table and just go back to it when I can. At least I can still do my craft even it does take a lot longer, got to keep my hands working.
        Have a great week🌹

      2. Cindy Rice Post author

        Hi, Wendy. I am happy to hear that you have figured out a way to be able to continue creating. It takes creativity figuring out how to be creative as we get older, doesn’t it? 😉 I hope you have a great day!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Joy. Alisha is very happy to be out and about and dressed in something new and springlike.
      The temps? How does a -24 wind chill sound? We just have to get through today and then I think we’ll slowly start warming up a bit.
      Enjoy your Valentine’s Day! ❤️

  3. Judy Possamai

    Beautiful! Alisha’s outfit is so pretty and delicate. It’s lovely to see how much trouble you go to for each part of your work. Such a great view from your window too, even though it’s so cold.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you so much for watching and commenting, Judy. I enjoy sharing the process. Yes, it is COLD here! We had a -24 wind chill overnight. Enjoy your day! ❤️

  4. Terrigirl2020

    Good morning Cindy! I am a few days behind on your blog! Alisha looks so pretty in her ensemble . The cardigan is a lovely compliment to her dress , I love the fluttery rosebuds! Your wrapping technique is very well done! I like the fleeting images of you in the video! The snow looks lovely coming down. You are very meticulous in all you do! That is a tough choice picking a fabric from all that you have, they all looks so pretty. Patience will be happy! Alisha is a perfect model for her photo shoot! All the lovelies look so cute together! Good morning to you from a 7f in Minnesota! Happy lenten season to you Cindy , Terri xo.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello, Terri. Thank you, and thank you for commenting. We had a very cold week too. The cold seems to zap my energy. I had a pretty unproductive week. Today feels a little better with some above freezing days forecasted for this week. Can’t wait! I think I’m done with winter.
      It’s hard to believe Lent has started already–almost a full year since we attended in person mass. Wow!
      I hope you enjoy some warmer temps this coming week. Take care! 💕

      1. Terrigirl2020

        Hello Cindy , I hope the temps continue to warm up, it was nicer this weekend! Yes Lent is underway . We are doing a daily tutorial through relevant radio called lenten lessons on the Mass . It is close to a year for us also to be in person at Mass but we might go back soon . Have a nice week, Terri xo.

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