Rose Has Her First Ensemble for Her Wardrobe

Happy Sunday to you all! How are you? It is SO COLD!!! here in northern Illinois! Our wind chill right now is -20°F (-28°C). Is anyone else this cold, or colder? I am very thankful for my cozy and warm home. 🥰

I mentioned in my last post that I had completed Rose’s ensemble. She is so thrilled with how it turned out! After being neglected for so long Rose is one happy little girl, and has forgiven me. She’s such an angel.

Rose arrived in December of 2017. I made a couple of holiday ensembles that she happily modeled for other little girls to wear, then she went into hibernation. Until now that is! And this one she is keeping for herself. I hope to give her another very soon.

Rose’s dress is made with the fabric that you all voted on. Do you remember? Here is that blog post in case you missed it. This dress really does look sweet on her, and it’s extra special because you all helped with the creation of it. Even if you picked something else–that’s okay, too–you all helped! Thank you! Secretly, I liked all the fabric equally.

Rose is a 10″ Boneka vinyl doll who was sculpted by Dianna Effner. The good news is that these dolls are in stock and available at Happily Ever After, or at Boneka directly. You can change their wigs to give them a different look too. Rose is a Tuesday’s Child. I think they make cute little sisters to the Little Darlings.

Oh, I think I forgot to mention I published a new video on YouTube. It shows my progress on this ensemble and on Didi’s cardigan.

I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Stay warm… or cool, if you are south. Bye for now, my friends. 🤗💕

10 thoughts on “Rose Has Her First Ensemble for Her Wardrobe

  1. Terrigirl2020

    Hello Cindy it is a little cooler here as I’m sure you would guess!. We all need to be thankful to have a Cozy home. Oh my gosh Rose is just the cutest! I am sure it didn’t take her much to forgive you after receiving this outfit. You did such an amazing job the dress is so pretty along with the cardigan and shoes. I am glad she is so happy now! Please stay in the best you can today, it’s cold out there. Take care Cindy, Terri xoxo.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Terri. Ha Ha–no surprise your colder. Hopefully, this cold snap won’t last. Thank you for the compliments on Rose’s new look. I hope you have a great week. 💕

      1. Terrigirl2020

        Wishing you a great week also Cindy! This morning it is -4 F but the sun is starting to come up! I have to look for the silver lining! Have a beautiful day,Terri xoxo.

      2. Cindy Rice Post author

        Hi, Terri. We are -3 right now. It’s SO cold and will be for the foreseeable future. We have a sparkly bright silver lining also! Happy Tuesday to you! Enjoy the day! 💕

  2. Joy

    What a great wig for Rose. Love the color. The dress and sweater are wonderful too.
    As for weather, it was 70 here in northern CA yesterday. Spring is here for awhile anyway. 🙂

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello, Joy. Rose is wearing her original look. I have actually never removed the wig. I think it fits her too. 70°? That sounds… blissful! Enjoy! Thank you, Joy. 💕

  3. Judy Possamai

    Great video! I thoroughly enjoyed watching and absolutely love your needle threader! What a fantastic little gadget. Take care in the snow and cold weather. Looking forward to seeing your next project.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Judy. Thank you for watching! I think needle threading was affecting my desire to embroider. No joke… I am not dreading embroidery any longer. Have a great week! 💕


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