Daily Archives: October 28, 2013

My Workspace Today

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Good afternoon!  Just wanted to share with you what I am doing today.  I have four dress/hat sets that are in progress for Amelia Thimble dolls.  Currently I am sewing the beads on for buttons and weaving in ends.  Then they need a fine water mist and time to dry (to set the buttonholes).  Then they are ready for the fun stuff, embroidery.

Amelia wanted to hold up one of the little elf dresses for you.  She is so helpful, isn’t she?  This one is knit out of over dyed alpaca/silk light red lace weight yarn with a kid mohair/silk lace edging that looks like white fur trim.  There is another elf dress to be embroidered;  this one in red merino/silk yarn.  A sky blue and light pink kid mohair/silk dress and hat set are also waiting to be finished.  Oh, and I have six other sets completely finished!  I will get those photographed soon…!

I’ve come to love hand sewing and embroidering on this June Taylor quilt board.  (You can see it in the background.)  I also use it for blocking my knits.  It is padded so pins can be stuck into it, the color allows me to find things easily, and the fabric is a coarse cotton so beads and needles don’t roll around.  I can also set it on my lap if I want to work in a chair or on the sofa.  It is 18″ x 25″ which I find is a good size for a spreading my supplies out.  The link goes to a site where I found one in this size.  I purchased mine many years ago at a local sewing store.

Back to work for me.  Hope you enjoyed seeing what I’m working on today.