Monthly Archives: February 2014

Some Tiny New Dress Sets are Available

Just added to my website are two new dress sets for Amelia Thimble, and a set for Fairyland’s Pukipuki.  I’m still hoping that with all of the flowers I am creating, winter will feel unwelcome and decide to go away!  I cannot remember a year when I was looking forward to spring more than this year.  Do you feel the same?

bit of gold 337    pink, blue, violet too 582

candy roses 516

bit of gold 269

pink, blue, violet too 574

bit of gold 361  candy roses 519

candy roses 553

bit of gold 250

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Party Dresses for Amelia Thimble & Izzy

Amelia Thimble and Izzy have new party dresses!  Each dress/hat set is hand knit with bamboo yarn and mohair/silk lace yarn.  You will find a sweet and colorful collection of flowers embroidered on the bodice and headband of each set.

naturally pretty 325

lovely lilac 3286

lovely lilac 3298

naturally pretty 332

lovely lilac 3279  naturally pretty 307

For more information, please visit my website.