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Four and a half weeks to go…

…until Christmas!

Am I ahead of the game by having all of my shopping finished?  No.

Am I a little ahead by have some shopping completed?  No.

Have I even bought one gift yet?  No.

Am I worrying?  No…not yet, but soon, yes, I will be worrying soon.

What is getting done around here then?  Lots of sewing, knitting, embroidering, photographing…for my dolls.  They are looking so festive in their parade of holiday garb.  It seems like they are always wearing something new.  Tonight my Pukipuki, Sugar, and my Little Darling, Gina, are showing you their brand new outfits.

Gina is dressed and ready in her “Holiday Helper” casual set.  While mom is wrapping gifts (with the doors securely closed in her workroom) Gina is carefully arranging them under the tree where they will sit prettily until Christmas.  As she is busy finding the perfect spot under the tree for each gift she cannot help but take a peek to see if maybe it is for her.

holiday helper 848

holiday helper 841

holiday helper 844

Sugar is our tiny “Li’l Holly Bells” elf.  She is so tiny and always busy as a little bee that it is hard to find her sometimes.  I managed to locate her when I heard the softest tinkle of her tiny bell accompanied by a slightly louder giggle.

li'l holly bells 774

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Izzy’s New Christmas Dress

Here is Amelia Thimble’s best friend, Izzy, showing off her new Christmas dress and Santa hat.  She has secret hopes of Santa picking her to help on Christmas Eve also.  Izzy knows how much helping Santa Claus means to Amelia Thimble so she is keeping these thoughts to herself at the moment.  I think Santa needs them both, don’t you?  After all, they will take up very little room in the sleigh and will offer four teeny tiny helping hands.

tiny sweety elf 656

tiny sweety elf 657

tiny sweety elf 659

tiny sweety elf 664

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Helping the Clauses

Well, no, not those Clauses!

It’s Gina’s Grandma and Grandpa.  They are dressing up as Santa and Mrs. Claus for Gina’s school Christmas bazaar and Gina gets to help pass out candy canes to all of Santa’s (Grandpa’s) little visitors.  Gina has the perfect outfit for her important job.  The dress is a print of pin dots in minty colors and her Santa hat and jacket are the all important finishing touch.  Gina even has her hair styled like Mrs. Claus (Grandma), without the grey, of course.

She is ready, don’t you think?

helping the clauses 495

helping the clauses c 515

helping the clauses 524

helping the clauses 503

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