I’d Like You to Meet Talyssa

Introducing my first Kaye Wiggs doll, Talyssa.  Isn’t she just the sweetest little thing?

Talyssa is currently the largest doll that I am creating outfits for so while sewing for her may be easier, knitting for her takes a bit longer (but that’s okay).  On the other hand, because she is larger I will be able to use fabrics, ribbons, etc. that always got pushed to the back of the drawer because they were just too big in scale for smaller dolls.

I am looking forward to making many new things for Talyssa.  Her debut outfit is for the upcoming holiday season, of course.  It is called “Elves Needed”.  Don’t we all need lots of little elves to help us with holiday chores?  Talyssa is ready and willing to be a little elf for us and help in whatever way she can.  Here are some pictures of her modeling her new Christmas set.

elves needed 590

elves needed 583

elves needed 596

elves needed 585

elves needed 601

elves needed 640

For more information on Talyssa’s outfit please visit my website, cindyricedesigns.com and check the “Available for Sale” page.

16 thoughts on “I’d Like You to Meet Talyssa

  1. Carol Christiansen

    Ah, Cindy….you captured Talyssa’s personality perfectly with your adorable outfit and your terrific photos! I love looking at them so very much.

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