Daily Archives: August 8, 2015

Too Many… Dolls!

For me, that is.  In the course of one day I suddenly decided that I NEED to get rid of the dolls that I am not making outfits for.  Well, some of the them anyway.  I guess the ones that I know I will never make anything for really should find new homes.

A couple of (maybe a few) years ago I sold the first 14″ Kish Chrysalis doll (Grace), two of Ann Estelle’s friends (Gracie and Georgia), and Marley Wentworth; it was fine.  Of course it was fine.  Look at the dolls I still have!  I still have three other 14″ Kish Chrysalis dolls, 10″ Ann Estelle and Sophie.  I also have a large Ann Estelle and Lilah (10″ Ann Estelle’s sister).  I have lots of other Kish dolls:  Tamsin, Alisha, four Riley sized: Riley, Tulah, Zsu Zse, and Avery, three of the small babies:  Ellery, Jessamyn, and Miki, a Lisbet (who needs a new lip repaint).  Two BJD dolls, a Bo Bergemann Dream Doll and a Pamela Macy Remy are also sitting around.  These are all dolls that I do not actively sew for.

In addition to these dolls, I have huge cartons filled with NRFB Barbie, Skipper, Stacie, and Kelly dolls.  Most of these are from the 1990s.

I am not a collector in the sense that one thinks of as a collector because I just don’t like to have a lot of things around. (And, it’s taken me many years to learn this about myself.)  The one exception to this is my creative supplies:  fabric, yarn, beads, etc.  Having those “things” around sparks, not saps, my energy.  These extra dolls are sapping my creative energy.

Really… already!  I need to destash, declutter, downsize, or whatever it is called.

I snapped this photo yesterday of my 18″ Ann Estelle whom I’ve had since 2003.  She is the largest in my “doll collection”.  Poor, poor Ann gets no attention whatsoever.  She has such a sweet face, doesn’t she?

ann estelle 18" 230Comments, please!  Any thoughts you might have will help.  Please!  I need words of wisdom (or just simple words) on how to start, so I can move on.