Daily Archives: April 8, 2016

A VERY Hard Week

It’s been a very hard week indeed!  This past week I lost my mom.  For years she’d been fighting a very brave battle with that horrible disease we call cancer and finally couldn’t fight it any longer.  For her, this entire year has been agonizing.  While I am grateful that she is free of her suffering, I miss her terribly.

In addition to this being a very hard week, today is the two month anniversary of my dad’s passing.  I guess you could say my family has had a doozy of a year and we’ve only seen the first quarter go by.

I believe I got my love of dolls from my mom.  From a very early age I have the sweetest memories of my dolls; I think they were linked to so many happy times shared with my mom who was usually so busy keeping house, cooking, and taking care of a large family.  My mom gave me my first Barbie doll when I was three years old and she must have spent countless hours making clothes for my doll because she made all of my Barbie doll’s clothing and I had a lot!  I specifically remember waking up one morning and seeing my doll modeling a beautiful new dress made from one of her old dresses.  I remember the day she handed me a new Midge doll for no reason.  And, I remember wanting a Crissy doll so badly when they were brand new.  I got one for Christmas that year and an entire wardrobe for her made by my mom.  So, yes, when I think of dolls those memories that include my mom are at the forefront.

My mom was my first sewing teacher, and was very good at it even though it wasn’t her passion.  I believe I was only 7 when she entrusted me to run her sewing machine.  I have no idea what I managed to make at that age, but it started my love of the craft and probably became my very first activity that I was passionate about.

feeding brian 1968 003

It was so hard finding a photo with my mom and I from years ago; she was alway so busy.  My uncle (her brother) caught her here with me giving his new son a bottle.

And, here’s a photo from not that long ago when she shared my happy day with me.  This photo seems like it was taken yesterday and she was younger than I am now.  Oh my goodness, how the years fly by…!!!

me mom wedding day 765

I love you Mom!!!  I’ll miss you every day!