“Blossoms for the Bees”

We’ve had so many bumblebees buzzing around our garden this spring.  I love watching the fuzzy little guys, and how they almost disappear inside trumpet-shaped blossom.  I don’t have any snapdragons growing in my garden this year, but I have in past years, and they really do disappear inside these blossoms, so cute.

Keeping with the bee theme, Gracie is wearing a dress covered in trios of bright blossoms which are on a subtle hexagon honeycomb background.

blossoms for the bees 979

Gracie’s dress has a wider neckline which looks pretty with shrugs.  The hemline is embellished with cotton tatting lace that I applied by hand.  The lace was a gift, but I am guessing it is vintage and handmade.  The circles on the lace look perfect with the circle-shaped flowers, and the lace’s color matches the fabric exactly.

blossoms for the bees 014

blossoms for the bees 010

Gracie’s yummy lace shrug is knit with lace weight merino wool in red violet heather.  It has a crocheted shell edging.

blossoms for the bees 988

blossoms for the bees 007

I thought a hexi-shaped purse would be so cute with this ensemble.  This one is made with two crocheted granny hexagons and a leather strap.  It can be worn cross body, over the shoulder, or wrapped around Gracie’s hand.  Inside the bag is a little bouquet of flowers.  There is even a little extra room for other found treasures.  In my stash I had one bumble bee button.  He found his way onto Gracie’s granny square blossom.

blossoms for the bees 021

blossoms for the bees 012

Gracie’s hair decoration is made by hand with three colors of crocheted merino wool blossoms which pick up the colors in the dress.  I’ve added a little green merino wool leaf and a handmade organza bow.  It slips in place with a handmade wire bobby pin.

Anklets, panties, and a bracelet complete this summery ensemble.

blossoms for the bees 983

Gracie’s “Blossoms for the Bees” ensemble will be available tonight (May 30, 2017) at 7:00pm CST, cindyricedesigns.com.

Take some time today to watch the bumblebees!  Thanks for visiting with me today, my lovely friends.

7 thoughts on ““Blossoms for the Bees”

  1. Joy

    Love Gracie’s photo with the green background. What is that plant? She is posing so naturally.
    So much fun to see doll things than work on sewer line clogs. Were able to get our shower leak repaired and then the back line became clogged. Guy is supposed to be here soon to work on that issue. We’ve been forced to use the other bathroom which is on the main unclogged line. But, it feels like a hotel shower in there. Guess that is because we have a low flow shower head. Anyway, will be so nice to get the plumbing working again. Always something.
    Hope your week is enjoyable.

    1. Joy

      So sorry to vent about our plumbing problems. All is fixed now, and life back to normal after a 3 day interruption. Kind of like when the power is out or heater won’t work. I’ve changed my mind about power out as the worst. Sewer not working is #1. Happy again.

      1. Cindy Rice Post author

        No problem at all. I understand completely. I think sewer not working would be #1 too, although being on a well/septic system, when our power goes out so does our water. We get a “two for one” raw deal. Luckily, our power hardly every goes out. However, one of the few times it did I was out, and dropping my daughter off at school, so it was very early. Power went out within that stretch of time that I was gone, garage door wouldn’t open and all the storm doors were locked (no keys for those). Power stayed off for hours. Inside the house were dogs that needed breakfast and other things. I had nothing to do, but sit in the car and wait. I survived, but hardly. lol! Hope you have a problem free day today, Joy!

    2. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Joy. First, thank you for the adorable note cards. You are so thoughtful. I love them!!!
      I have no idea what those shrubs are behind Gracie. They produce honeysuckle shaped white blossoms some years, not this one though. They are unscented, so are not honeysuckle?
      So sorry about your sewer problems. Sometimes home ownership is such a drag, isn’t it? At least you had another bathroom to use. Imagine if you didn’t! Eeek! Now, that would be a nightmare!
      Gracie and I say “thank you very much” for the compliment on her new ensemble.

  2. Terrigirl2017

    Hey Cindy happy Thursday from a Sunny Minnesota ☀️ I love the bright blossoms on the honeycomb background. I love the lace hemline ,gorgeous. The shrug looks fabulous on Gracie, the purse and hair decoration really complete the outfit. Wish Gracie a good day ,have a good one too Cindy, your friend , Terri❤

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Terri! Sometimes I wish I could try on the yummy knitwear that come off my needles. lol This one looked particularly luscious to me, that color! Would you believe we had a cloudless blue sky yesterday? I cannot remember the last time that happened. Sounds like you started off June with a great day too. I hope Friday is equally as great for you. Enjoy your day, Terri! ❤

      1. Terrigirl2017

        Aww , I wish i could wear some of your creations too Cindy, I am such a feminine person , and love all the dresses you make and accessories. We have a cloudless sky today in MN , I am off work today minding the little boys as daycare has a day off. How is your daughter enjoying her vacation? Have a great friday and weekend Dear xoxo.

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