“Putterday” Saturday

Yep, that about sums up the day.  I puttered around the house doing this and that.  One little thing I did this morning was some straightening in my studio.  I found a few things that I no longer need, maybe you do?

The following three photos show those things.  They are free to a good home if you pay the cost of Priority shipping + PayPal fees (to US addresses only).  You can guesstimate the cost of shipping;  I added the weight of the item on the photo.  First come, first served for these.  Send me an email (if you have my address), or fill out the contact form on my website.  You’ll need a PayPal account, so I can send you an invoice for the shipping and PayPal fees.

ann estelle clothing 228

Clothes and shoes have been claimed.

ann estelle shoes 229

Ribbon still available.

trims 231

While I was inside destashing and straightening, my husband did some pruning of our shrubbery.  I thought the magnolia branches were so pretty, such a shame they should all end up in the fire pit.  I added them to my cranberry colored hurricanes on the buffet.  Not sure how long they’ll last in the house, but they look nice now.  Hopefully, I didn’t also bring in bugs.

buffet tablescape 233

I also snapped up a few boxwood branches; I know these will last for weeks and weeks in water.    There’s nothing like real greenery brought inside the house, is there?

cut boxwood branches 235

My daughter and I planted these tiny succulents on my birthday last month.  (I haven’t killed them yet.)  I purchased a moisture meter so that I won’t overwater them.  This pot of succulents reminds me of her, and something we did together on my birthday. ❤

succulent planter 240

I’ve been having wrist pain on and off this year, beginnings of carpal tunnel, I think.   Knitting and using the keyboard make it worse, as does sleeping.  Yes, I said knitting (perhaps my favorite thing to do)! 😦 I’m not sure what I’m going to do about that yet, but I purchased a slanted laptop stand to make using my laptop more ergonomic.  I’m also sleeping with a brace on my right hand.

laptop stand 241

I’ll have Patience’s new ensemble to show you tomorrow.  The pattern for her cardigan will be ready a day or two later.

Bye for now, my friends.


12 thoughts on ““Putterday” Saturday

  1. Joy

    Beautiful buffet display! Those cranberry pink hurricanes are lovely. So useful too. I picture them filled with silver ornaments at holiday time. The plate under the dining table greenery display looks a lot like the glasses I’ve just acquired. I wonder if it is Fostoria? The glasses are wavy like the plate with amber bases and iridescent. Anyway, yours is very pretty. I’m about to do a succulent garden in an old bird bath when I get some spare time. I found a few mini pieces at Michael’s at 80% off the other day. Should have bought more, but will just have to find some other stuff. Not too much, but like a funny fairy garden maybe. Love the daisy/bird bath. Your plant selection looks great too.
    So sorry to hear of your wrist pain. A friend has had both wrists done with carpal. Not at the same time. 🙂 She could no longer play her guitar, but now has no problem. May be worth it to have the surgery. Just an outpatient thing too.
    Should be interesting to see if we have fog on eclipse day. If so, we’ll catch it on the internet or tv. Supposed to be available everywhere.
    Loved your post today.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Joy. I’ve had those hurricanes since there were Eddie Bauer home stores. I fell in love with them immediately. When I saw them on sale I, of course snatched them up. They usually hold evergreen boughs (bottom branches from our Christmas tree) and ornament balls at Christmas! That’s the time of year they shine.
      Funny, you can grow succulents outside in CA. Here, they are definitely indoor plants. Mine seems to like the west facing bay window. Our neighborhood greenhouse had tons of fairy garden stuff, maybe yours does too?
      Carpal tunnel surgery looks scary, but if that’s what I eventually need then I will have to do it. A nerve test is done first, though, to make sure that’s what it is. I’m hoping that is years away.
      We are supposed to have 90% eclipse up here in northern Illinois. Yes, hoping the sky is clear here too. Should be interesting.
      Enjoy your Sunday, Joy.

  2. Joanne Bowslaugh

    hi Cindy, Sorry to hear about the discomfort in your hands, Years back I had what sounded like the same symptoms, the doctors x-rayed , no signs of arthritis, prescribed anti inflamatories, worked like a charm while I took them, however I found that they can wreck you stomach lining. I then found that sometimes inflamation can be a symptom of foods your body can no longer tolerate or have in large amounts. You might like to look into this idea, as we age, things we like the taste of and have eaten all our lives can give us problems. Try varying your diet, wheat products were my down fall and over use of the same foods. I no longer have as much discomfort and if I stay away from certain foods , I actually feel better and the pain in wrists and thumb area is greatly diminished, but does flare up with extended over use when gardening or heavier that normal use . Hope your doing better soon. Joanne in Niagara Canada.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Joanne. Thanks for sharing. Allergies and food intolerances run rampant in my family. I’ll keep an eye on what I eat from now on. I know wheat is a problem for a lot of people, my husband included. I do think I have inflammation, so have recently been avoiding sugar as much as possible, but didn’t think the other foods I eat could be a culprit too. Thanks for your input, Joanne. I’m glad you were able to figure out how to ease your symptoms.

  3. Yolanda Valle

    Hi Cindy, sorry to hear about your pain. Hopefully the slanted laptop stand and the brace help for a while. We hope you can keep on doing the things you like most. Londa

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Yolanda, and thank you. I hope I can keep working too. I think I’d go crazy otherwise; I’ve never been one who can sit without being busy.

  4. Rita Bright

    Try resting your hands every so often. I read that putting your hands together in front of your chest as though you’re praying and then pushing your palms together releases some of the pressure on your wrists. This was something I think I read about on a yoga site. Doesn’t cost anything to try and hopefully it helps. I definitely want you to keep knitting!! My Patsy would love a knitted hat and one of those cute dresses that you knit for little Amelia. Rita

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      That’s a good idea, Rita. I think I sometimes forget to stop and take a break. The exercise sheets my doctor gave me mention how some yoga poses are good for carpal tunnel. I need to look into which ones.
      Our dear sweet Patsy dolls . . . My Patsy loves a cozy sweater dress too. I forgot I made one for her back in 2015. It’s time for another! Have a great Sunday, Rita!


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