Daily Archives: November 6, 2017

My Fall Colors

Hello and a happy new week to you.  It was kind of a dreary cozy weekend here in northern Illinois.  However, yesterday was dry and the sun came out a few times for about a minute each, enjoyed those brief glimpses.  Being that it wasn’t too cold, my husband and I went for a walk in one of the nearby forest preserves.  The one we visited yesterday is my favorite; I feel like I am in a fairy tale when I am here.

We don’t get a ton of fall color, even less this year, but the colors we saw yesterday were quite beautiful.  I didn’t anticipate taking photos, but I had my phone with me, so I can share some of the magic with you.

2017 november 3568

Instead of the golden arches these are tree arches.

2017 november 3561

2017 november 3581

Make a wish–wishbone tree trunks.

2017 november 3574

Aspen trees, says my husband.  I thought these were birch trees.  I didn’t know aspens grew here.  Anyway, the shade of white caught my eye as it stood out from everything else.

2017 november 3572

2017 november 3556

I didn’t realize that oak tree leaves can turn anything but brown.  Now I know they can be beautiful reds and oranges.

2017 november 3592

I think fairies must live in this old oak tree.  I may, or may not, have caught a glimpse of one. 🙂

2017 november 3600

Whenever I see mushrooms, I must go and check them out; I find them very intriguing.

All in all, it was a good Sunday.  I learned a couple of new things and spent some time out in nature, which is always rejuvenating.

Today, it feels like winter, but the sun was shining practically all day long.  I spent about four hours photographing doll ensembles today.  Now, I will enjoy a cup of tea while I start to edit them.

I hope you’ve had a good day!