It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

Hello!  What a beautiful morning we have here in northern Illinois!  It snowed last night, only a tiny bit, but enough to make everything white and beautiful, and oh so peaceful.   The front porch light was on, and it was still dark when I took this photo.  It’s so magical.

snowy morning 339

christmas tree 2017 330

christmas tree 2017 321

And as light comes to the day, so do the birds come for breakfast.

birds 361

birds in trees 355

snowy morning 358

I love learning something new this time of year.  This year sock knitting has caught my interest.  Sock knitting seems like something impossibly hard, so I knew I needed a visual class to learn.  So far this Craftsy class by Susan B. Anderson has taught me Judy’s magic cast on, which is how she starts the sock.  I have the toe completed, and am now knitting away at lengthening the foot.  Slowing down the lessons has helped me a lot, and Susan is very thorough.  I have no doubts that I’ll be able to figure out how to make the whole sock.

sock knitting class 350

This past week I baked another apple crumble.  If you need dessert, like we seem to in our house, this is one of the healthier (Is there such a thing?) ones—lots of apples, oatmeal, nuts, and little sugar.    My recipe is from here, but I keep adapting it.  I found that half the topping seems to work fine for 2 pounds of sliced apples.  We prefer lots of baked apple yumminess and not super sweet—you can eat more that way. 😉

apple crumble 3623

Even though I have no photos to show you, I have been working on dolly things.  One dress needs a new sweater, and one cape/cuddle cap set needs a new dress.  Sometimes things don’t go as planned.

I hope you all have a most festive weekend.  Take it slow, and enjoy every moment.

Ah, it’s snowing again here, big white flakes!  Bye for now, my friends.

4 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas

  1. Joy Rose

    Have you ever seen the children’s book Apple Tree Christmas by Trinka Noble? Great book and the little girl is learning to knit socks. Had to rip out her stitches a lot. 🙂 I’m sure you won’t have to though.
    All of your photos are lovely. Especially, the tree. Looks like a winter wonderland with the icing everywhere. We’ve been having cold weather also, I know hard to believe. No snow though and no rain either. Not good. Are your kitties still using the great warm home you built for them? Hope so.
    Heading out to walk. Frost has disappeared. Have a wonderful week.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      No, but it’s at my library. It looks absolutely adorable, must read it!!! And then I’ll probably want to add it to my collection. I love children’s literature. I’ve been reading the Anne of Green Gables series for months now. I am on book 5 and am enjoying these books so much. It will be sad when I am through with them, but maybe I’ll just start reading them all over again.

      I am sure sock knitting won’t be easy, especially getting the fit right, but it will be nice making something for humans to wear. Those dolls sure are spoiled.

      Would love to send some precipitation over to you. Hopefully you’ll get some soon.

      Morris is still loving his house. He loves it so much he chased the devil cat all the way across the yard one morning when he was harassing him in his house. Too funny! Morris is typically so docile.

      Thanks, Joy and have a lovely Sunday. ❤


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