Busy With Dogs and Dolls

Hello!  So much time has gone by between my last post and this one…  I am sorry.

Our new puppy has taken up much of my time. We’ve had Pebbles, our chihuahua puppy, for two months now.  I’ve enjoyed these early days with him very much.  He’s gone on lots of socializing adventures to Home Depot and other stores (including a yarn shop), parks and walks in the neighborhood.  He is a very sweet boy, but a little scared in new places, so this effort while he is still young should make him a happier adult.

chihuahua 5246

Pebbles is now 7-months old.  Our vet said he is at his adult weight which is about 3-1/2 pounds!  I thought our older dog, also a chihuahua was little at 7-8 pounds.  This guy is even smaller.  So you can get an idea of his size here is a picture of me walking him.  Pebbles walks very nicely on a leash and enjoys going for walks.  He knows when we’ve turned around and are heading home which is when he will pull ahead and get a little excited.

chihuahua walk 5274

I try and include a little bit of dolly related making on my daily to do list.  I find that this is the only way for me to get anything accomplished for my dolls.  If I wait for everything else to be done…  well, it never is.  Sometimes I even have some cuddly company while working.

2020-02-07 5212

I recently finished this spring ensemble for my beautiful Kaye Wiggs MSD sized Gracie.  I must say I wish I had a cardigan like Gracie’s!

pretty in roses 372

I have also started another spring ensemble for the Kaye Wiggs girls.  Last weekend found me seated at my sewing machine, gathering and sewing the skirt onto the bodice.

2020-03-03 390

During the week I finished the dress up by hand sewing the bodice lining to the waist seam and adding snaps.  The cardigan was knitted and waiting for the dress to be sewn.  Hopefully, either this weekend or next week I will find some time for completing the embroidery on the cardigan.

2020-03-03 393

I am wishing you all a wonderful weekend.  It is supposed to get into the 60s tomorrow here in northern Illinois!  I hope you are having some beautiful springlike weather also.

Take care–stay healthy, my friends!

23 thoughts on “Busy With Dogs and Dolls

  1. Joy Aloise

    Nothing like a walk in the snow. Where is Pebble’s coat? The photo lets us know that it is really cold. We hit 85 a few days ago. We’re again in a CA drought.
    How fun enjoying a new pup. He is such a cute little guy. With his size, no wonder new situations make him hesitate. We don’t have a dog, but we do play with a neighbor’s three doxie’s most everyday. Their owner let’s them run free about a half block away after they see us, and they run incredibly fast to us. There they get their big treat of a baby carrot. Well, two of them, Jennie and Biggie, the other, little Willa Jeanne, gets a milk bone. Always amazing to see their speed mostly all for a carrot treat. 🙂
    My new Meadow girl Ardyn has arrived. She is 20″. I understand, that she is similar to Big Stella by Kaye Wiggs in size. How tall is Gracie?
    I’m sure spring flowers will be popping up soon for you. We have a bouquet of daffodils in the kitchen. So nice to see pretty color.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Joy. I really should knit him a sweater–need to find a pattern. The coats we have are all too big for him and I now realize he won’t grow into those. Even an XS is roomy on him. Sorry you are so HOT and dry already. Our backyard never dried out this summer. It’s still mushy when we walk back there. We get too much and you get too little. Where’s the balance?
      That is so sweet that you can play with your neighbor’s dachshund pups. And two of them like carrots? So cute! Aww!
      Here are Kaye’s two MSD measurements from my cardigan pattern page on Ravelry. You can compare these to your new doll. https://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/classic-cardigan-for-msd-bjds
      Your daffodil bouquet sounds so pretty, love daffodils. A few golden crocuses have bloomed here. It’s been a mild winter and things are starting earlier than last year. I hear the snowdrops at the Botanic Gardens are blooming already. I would like to catch those. Have a nice Sunday, Joy. Thank you for writing. ❤

  2. Fanfan

    Comme il est mignon!!!!!!! je comprends qu’il te demande beaucoup d’attention….quand ils sont bien élevés c’est plus facile de pouvoir les emmener partout avec nus…
    J’aime beaucoup les tenues de tes poupées…Je ne sais pas broder comme toi sur les tricots….il faudrait que j’essaye une fois en faisant des petites choses simples et autres qu’au point de mailles…Merci pour les belles photos..
    Bonne fin d’après-midi Fanfan
    traduit avec Google :

    How cute!!!!!!! I understand that it requires a lot of attention from you …. when they are well-bred it’s easier to be able to take them everywhere naked …
    I really like the outfits of your dolls … I don’t know how to embroider like you on knitwear …. I would have to try once by doing small simple things and other than in mesh. Thank you for the beautiful photos.
    Good late afternoon Fanfan

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Bonjour Fanfan. Je suis d’accord que les chiens bien dressés sont plus faciles à gérer. Espérons que mon travail acharné sera payant avec lui.
      J’ai publié un article il y a quelques années avec des conseils pour broder sur des tricots. https://cindyricedesigns.com/2016/10/01/10-tips-for-embroidering-on-hand-knits/
      Le reste de mes conseils est de pratiquer et d’avoir un bon éclairage. Et je dois porter des lunettes de lecture.
      Merci d’avoir lu mon post et de commenter. C’est tellement agréable de vous entendre. J’espère que vous appréciez votre dimanche. ❤
      Hello, Fanfan. I agree that well trained dogs are easier to manage. Hopefully, my hard work will pay off with him.
      I published a post a few years ago with tips for embroidering on knits. https://cindyricedesigns.com/2016/10/01/10-tips-for-embroidering-on-hand-knits/
      The rest of my advice is to practice and have good lighting. And, I need to wear reading glasses.
      Thank you for reading my post and commenting. It's so nice to hear from you. I hope you are enjoying your Sunday. ❤

      1. Fanfan

        Merci beaucoup pour le lien vers vos explications..Je n’avais pas vu.
        Bonne fin d’après-midi Fanfan
        Traduit avec Google : Thank you very much for the link to your explanations. I had not seen.
        Good late afternoon Fanfan

  3. Rebekah Richmond

    So much fun! That is a very sweet picture of your Pebbles sleeping away next to your creations. Is Pebbles hoping for his own sweater?

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Rebekah. Yes, I think Pebbles is hoping for his very own sweater. Everything we have from our other chihuahua is much too big for his little body. Have a very nice Sunday. ❤

  4. Elizabeth Boyette

    The outfits are exquisite! The little puppy is adorable.And I understand about making time for dolls, and the doll work not getting done unless you make a place for it in your schedule.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you so much, Elizabeth. We are enjoying Pebbles and his antics so much. It sounds like you do the same with scheduling as I do. It really works, doesn’t it? Enjoy your Sunday. ❤

  5. Linda D.

    Oh Cindy, Pebbles is so cute! he certainly does have a personality! Have you ever knitted or made a sweater for your dogs! I would think Pebbles was cold when you took him for a walk!

    Love, love the pretty springtime dress and cardigan! It reminds me what my mother dressed me in when I was small! I love the tiny embroidered roses on the white sweater!

    It’s such a pretty day today, but still a bit chilly. Tonight, DST! The thing I don’t like about that, is it stays dark so long in the morning!

    Is Joy Aloise my friend from another blog? If so, “Hi Joy”!

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Linda. We got lucky with Pebbles. He is as sweet as he is cute. Yes, I think I do need to get a sweater knit up for him. He is so little it couldn’t take very long, could it? I’ll have to look on Ravelry for a pattern.
      You must have looked so cute dressed in dresses like these when you were young. Aww… The softly colored floral prints get me every time. I have a huge stack of fabric; wish I could blink my eyes and turn it all into tiny dresses.
      I’m happy you are having beautiful weather too. Today will be warmer than yesterday here. Perhaps by you, too?
      Late sleepers love the darker mornings. Sadly, I am not one of them. I know I’ll enjoy the extended daylight this evening though. Enjoy your Sunday, Linda. ❤

  6. Judi Owen

    Cindy, I just love Pebbles, and seeing pictures of him as he is growing, (not very much). Your dress for Grace is so pretty. I finally got my big Dahlias planted today. I’m looking forward to Spring..Take Care, Judi

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello, Judi. We originally thought he’d grow some more when we brought him home at 5-1/2 months, but he didn’t. He was all done with growing, I guess. I’m told he’ll fill out a little bit, but he is basically at his adult weight. His dad was a little over 4 pounds, so he takes after him.
      Ohhh, I love dahlias. They are beautiful! A few golden yellow crocuses are blooming in my yard. And the snowdrops are blooming at the Botanic Gardens. It’s an early spring. Yay!!!
      Enjoy your Sunday, Judi, and thank you. ❤

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hello, Mavis. I agree–dogs are great company. I cannot imagine a life without my two. They are extra work and responsibility, but they give so much more back.
      Enjoy your Sunday! ❤

  7. mariepaule31

    Avec un aussi joli petit chien, je comprends que tu lui donnes beaucoup de temps. Je ferais pareil! C’est une merveilleuse compagnie!
    Je te souhaite beaucoup de belles promenades avec lui.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Bonjour, Marie Paule. Oh mon Dieu, oui, Pebbles est une merveilleuse compagnie! Ses pitreries sont si drôles aussi. Si jamais j’ai besoin de rire, il est disponible pour aider.
      Notre chihuahua plus âgé déteste absolument marcher en laisse et j’ai manqué de promener un chien. Je suis tellement heureuse que Pebbles aime faire des promenades.
      Merci d’avoir écrit. J’espère que vous passez un très bon dimanche. ❤
      Hello, Marie Paule. Oh my goodness, yes, Pebbles is wonderful company! His antics are so funny, too. If I ever need to laugh he is available to help with that.
      Our older chihuahua absolutely hates to walk on a leash and I've missed walking a dog. I am so happy that Pebbles loves to go for walks.
      Thank you for writing. I hope you are having a very nice Sunday. ❤

  8. Terrigirl2020

    Hello Cindy it’s good to see you back! Oh my gosh Pebbles is so cute! I am sure he gets lots of attention when he’s on his socializing Adventures. I can understand why he would be a little afraid.He is tiny as he walks alongside you. I suppose it is a good idea to do some dress projects in everyday. Gracie looks very cute in her New Dress and cardigan. I would love to have both the dress and cardi! I am glad your weather is turning for the better it is the same here wishing you a nice Monday, Terri xo.


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