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Happy Thanksgiving

A happy Thanksgiving to one and all.  Wishing you all a peaceful holiday filled with love, family, friends, and of course, lots of good food.

Looking through my photo archives I found this picture from 2005.  Riley (by Helen Kish) is very thankful for a long list of things.  Let’s let her remind us of all we are thankful for too.


Happy Halloween from Riley, Tulah, and Zsu Zse!


20 group halloween 2005These sweet little dolls came to your house to trick-or-treat.  Do you have any candy for them?

I dug this photo out of my archives.  I made these outfits in 2005!  Gosh, I cannot believe it’s been eight years.  The sweaters are crocheted.  I remember making the little candy corn buttons out of artists clay and then painting those tiny pieces with my tubes of acrylic paint.

Back in 2005 (and for the next four years) these Kish littles were primarily the dolls I was dressing.  Botanic Riley was my first “expensive” collector doll.  I cannot remember exactly how much I paid for her, but she was in the low $100’s.  I thought I would never spend more on a doll.  Well, things have sure changed…

14 riley halloween 2005

15 tulah halloween 2005

16 zsu zse halloween 2005

Happy Halloween everyone!!!