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My Operation Christmas Child Shoeboxes Have Been Dropped Off

Hello to you! I hope you are enjoying this late autumn, or spring, weekend. We had a pretty nice day today–some sunshine and crisp temps.

This week/weekend is the collection week for the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. My daughter and I assembled them on Wednesday and then dropped them off that evening at a nearby church. So, they are done!

I started sewing the dresses for the shoeboxes in June. Some of you may remember that I have been getting my fabric from a very nice woman who bought out a friend’s quilt shop in Texas. Twice a year she has been having fabric sales at her home. This year I needed fabric if I was to continue. My doll fabric is all 1/2 yard cuts and the main dress pieces take 1 yard cuts. My post from a past visit is here.

I love sewing these dresses, but they are lots of work. I have no idea if my dresses are fitting the girls and if the dresses are even needed and liked. I mean, who knows, right? We all have different tastes. I thought I’d pray about it and see if I got some guidance. That very day I heard from Margaret telling me the date of her next fabric sale! Yep, that very day! I got the message loud and clear!

I left her house with a garbage bag so heavy that I could barely carry it… and another smaller grocery bag. She was so kind to also let me pick through her scraps and offered me many giveaways–silk ribbon, cotton threads, machine needles, mother-of-pearl buttons, etc. Also, my daughter and I visited her this fall–she said this was the last sale. She sold me fabric for $1 a yard this time! I bought enough for another two years, I think.

This year I got 20 dresses completed! Look at them all! Do you have a favorite?

As for the rest of the items for the boxes we added crayons, a pen, mechanical pencil, paper pads, coloring pages, stickers, toothbrush, washcloth, bar soap, hair clip and ponytail band in a little purse, a teddy bear, and the dress I made. Here are the teddy bears waiting to be packed away in the shoeboxes.

The dresses fold up nice and neat and sit on the top of each box. In case you are interested, I made a tutorial for these dresses years ago. I actually used my own tutorial this year as a refresher. I hadn’t made them in a couple of years… The tutorial is here, or under the tutorial tab at the top of this page.

If you have a favorite dress, I’d love to know… just for fun.

Enjoy the rest of the weekend! Hugs to you all! ūü§ó‚̧ԳŹ

This and That

Hello to you all, my friends. ¬†How are you? ¬†I’m doing great, staying busy.

Today I spent the day doing something I’ve been wanting to do, but yet, kept putting off because I couldn’t decide on colors. ¬†What I did today was dye yarn, and I decided to simply start and let the colors speak for themselves, which they seemed to do just fine. ¬†I dyed 5 skeins and was so into what I was doing that I forgot to take pictures.

I’ve also been saving avocado pits for dyeing, so I also dyed a cotton tank. ¬†It ended up being the palest shade of mauve-y rose. ¬†I think it will make a nice neutral layering piece. ¬†Once again, I forgot to take photos, sorry. ¬†I will share later, I promise.

Last weekend my husband and I brought our daughter back to school. ¬†Gosh, it feels like weeks have already gone by since she’s been home, not a week. ¬†How does that happen? ¬†Anyway, she is all moved in and has even started classes. ¬†Her apartment is very nice this year. ¬†The cluster of 3-story buildings are only about 6 years old. ¬†Each apartment has a washer/dryer, two bathrooms, high ceilings, nice kitchen and living room. ¬†She loves it, however, she is trying to adjust to the noise. ¬†She is on the first floor and her window has gotten banged on early in the morning and she hears people outside on the sidewalk. ¬†I suggested ear plugs. ūüôā


Here is a photo of her cute bed. ¬†She made the two pillows in the front, and the braided garland and tassel garland hanging on the wall. ¬†The doily on the front pillow was crocheted by her great great grandmother and the rosebud cross stitch picture is by me. ¬†She brought another rosebud which wasn’t hung at the time this photo was taken. ¬†I think it’s really nice how she has things at school made by her family.


I also wanted to make something for my daughter as she started school this year.  This was my first pair of socks made with self striping yarn.  Even though I started each sock with yarn from the center of the skein the stripes are reversed.  Live and learn!  Luckily, the quirkiness of the pair is being embraced.  The yarn is Knit Picks Felici sock in the Golden Hour colorway.


One evening while knitting these socks, as the golden hour was happening the sky actually looked golden and seemed to be lit from within.  It was magical.


Good news! ¬†I finished all of the dresses for my 2018 Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes. ¬†There are 23 in all. ¬†I’m a bit burned out, so this will be the extent of dress sewing for a little bit. ¬†However, I love looking at my little dress shop when I am working in my sewing room. ¬†They’ll be here until mid November.


This past week I started an ensemble for Ann Estelle. ¬†The fabric is a teeny tiny Japanese ballerina print. ¬†Isn’t it adorable? ¬†I am knitting a lilac mohair cardigan to accompany the dress and possibly a pearl headband. ¬†After being away from doll sewing for about 6 months it is good to be back. ¬†I’ve missed it.


I’ll be back soon. ¬†I hope you all have had a great ‘end of August’ weekend. ¬†Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. ‚̧


Goings On

Happy Friday to everyone!  The calendar says spring has arrived even if the weather is not acting accordingly.

My husband and I strolled though the Chicago Botanic Gardens this past week. ¬†There’s not too much growing, but a lot of work was being done on the gardens. ¬†The snowdrops are blooming on many hillsides, and I saw some tiny purple scilla here and there.

All around was peace and promises of what is to come.  These botanic gardens have always fed my soul, and even at this time of year was no exception.



Two weekends ago we attended the orchid show at the gardens. ¬†The greenhouses were adorned with orchids! ¬†There was beauty everywhere, however, when I saw these giant parasols hanging from the ceiling my heart skipped a beat. ¬†The colors of these giant beauties against the blue sky… simply amazing.



I completed three more dresses for my Operation Christmas Child 2018 shoeboxes this week. ¬†I now have a total of eight! ¬†I made these three dresses in tandem, so the steps were batched. ¬†I think they got more quickly, but it seemed like more “work” as I tended to get tired of doing one thing three times, or six times as in the case of armholes or straps.

new dresses 3:2018 921

The middle dress is made with blue oxford cloth and a yellow gingham pocket.  The dress on the right has teeny tiny salmon colored stars printed on ivory with the bottom fabric in reverse.

8 dresses 913 sq

most delicate for my darling 824

Alice, my beautiful Little Darling painted by Nelly Valentino, keeps me company while I sew in my studio.

I hope you have a lovely weekend, and maybe some springlike weather where you live.  Thanks for visiting with me, my friends.

‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧