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Happy New Year

Happy 2021 from snowy northern Illinois! I want to wish you the best for the year ahead. We all need a great year and I hope that this one is it. I’m sending positive and happy thoughts out into the universe.

Today we are enjoying a beautiful snowfall. Our first real snow had happened during the week, but it was at night, so we couldn’t enjoy the beauty. This one is all day long and I am loving it. It’s cozy and warm inside.

I just blocked Penny’s cardigan, and since I finished it in our dim living room while watching a movie, I was a little surprised when I started flattening it out for blocking. Do you see what I see? The yarn pooled in an unattractive way on the front. I am disappointed, but I decided to block it before chucking it. Maybe I can use it to my advantage with different colored embroidery, although I am not betting on this; it’s really strange looking. I’ve already picked out another color of yarn.

This week has been a relaxing time between Christmas and New Year’s. Chrimbo Limbo is what I recently heard it being called. Have you ever heard it called that?

I put together a short video of what I’ve been up to this week, Chrimbo limbo. Hint, lots of baking and cooking and not much working.

I wish you all a great 2021. May it be as ‘back to normal’ as it possibly can. Hugs to you.🤗

After Christmas Greetings to You

Hello to you! Today is Sunday–it sort of feels like it’s the last day of a four-day holiday. I hope your holiday was a wonderful one. We had a very nice, busy yet relaxing day. We did a lot of cooking (and eating), participated in Zoom get togethers, attended online Christmas mass, and then of course there was present opening.

During the festivities I took a bit of video and made a Christmastime vlog for you to watch.

I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing week ahead. Enjoy!

Sending 🤗 and ❤️!

Merry Christmas Eve!

Hello! I hope you’ve had a cozy day today. We’ve had a few (very few) snow flurries today; they were beautiful.

It is sooo cold here. My husband and I braved the 1°F windchill and walked a couple of miles in the neighborhood. With 2 pairs of gloves and 2 pairs of socks my extremities stayed toasty warm. I couldn’t believe they did with how cold it was. BTW, yesterday was 53°F!

I made a short vlog from the last four days–the fourth week of Advent. It’s up on YouTube now. In the vlog I spend some time in my sewing room, go through a drive-thru light show, show the continuation of 12 days of holiday movies–also share some pics of my holiday decorations. I hope you enjoy it.

I finished machine sewing Penny’s dress yesterday. (I still need to complete the hand sewing) I love it; it’s so sweet and girly. I show more footage of me making this in my vlogs.

Take care! Merry Merry… Sending a Christmas hug to you. 🤗🎄