American Girl Doll Sweater No. 2


Here is a picture of my second American Girl doll sweater with most of the changes that I wanted to make.  Something I’ve discovered is that I don’t think a 50 gram ball of sport weight wool yarn is enough for long sleeves.  I have very little left after this sweater.  I am going to make the sleeves a bit longer on the next sweater and hopefully I won’t run out.  This sweater is just a wee bit too loose so I’ll have yarn for the sleeves from the narrower width.  I like the sweater to be open in front (a bit) when unbuttoned.  This one doesn’t show the top underneath at all.  By the way this sweater was knit with Knit Picks Wool of the Andes Oyster Heather  and I used wooden beads for the buttons.

4 thoughts on “American Girl Doll Sweater No. 2

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Shari. Size 2 (2.75mm) and size 3 (3.25mm). Sorry for any confusion.

      Also, please note the errata. The yoke area increases with a Kf&b. K2tog, a decrease, was mistakenly typed into the instructions.


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