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A New Dress for Pamela Macy’s Remy or Pia Doll

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P1110957ebay   P1110929ebay

I’ve been looking at Remy as I create outfits for other dolls and vowed to make something soon just for Remy.  She has quite an artistic, eclectic personality so nothing too matchy matchy would work for her.  She likes feminine things, but the outfit has to look casually put together.  The dress is a peach floral print with a pink mesh ruffle at the hemline.  A blue and pink silk ribbon tie at the waist and in her hair.  This is what I made for her and I think it fits her personality well.  As a bonus Remy can share this dress with Kish Bethany.

Im…patiently Waiting for Spring

ImageOn this day in late February, it is snowy and most definitely still winter here in Illinois.  Oh, how I yearn for spring!  I took some time this morning to dress my sweet little Kish Alisha doll in her crocheted spring bonnet, dress, and sweater.  Hope you enjoy this little taste of spring.  It will be here before we know it.

New Things

I had a very productive and creatively fulfilling last couple of weeks.  Here are some new things that I’ve been working on that I put into a new outfit for Dianna Effner’s Little Darling dolls.

P1110626ebay  P1110606ebay P1110583ebay

I changed up my dress pattern a bit and put in princess seams and a lace collar.  This beautiful english lace is from authenticlace on eBay.  I hand pleated the lace and inserted it into the neckline for a collar.  I am very happy with how this dress turned out.

My usual cardigan sweaters did not fit with the collar of this dress so I came up with this capelet design.  The pattern took some trial and error and a lot of math to get it just the way I wanted it.  I think it shows off the dress nicely and is so delicate.  I really love this tiny accessory.  This is my second knit that I have incorporated beadwork into and love how they look in knitwear.  Thanks to Knit Picks for the tutorial on beading.  I have zillions of beads in my stash so now I have a new use for them.

After trying all of my usual headpieces, (headbands, felt flowers, bows, Juliet cap)  I made this cloche.  After looking and looking for headpiece alternatives I decided a hat made out of the dress fabrics would be the perfect finishing touch.  I didn’t have a pattern so I made this one myself.  I had an American Girl doll hat pattern that I looked at to see the pattern piece shapes, but outside of that my measuring tape got a lot of use.  I had some unused #30 cotton thread that I had dyed for my tiny Amelia Thimble doll sweaters and the colors were perfect for this outfit.  So with a very tiny crochet hook and lots of patience (my fingers felt huge) I made these tiny rosebuds for hat decorations.  A glass leaf in my stash fit in perfectly with the roses.

Voila!  “Spring Daydreams” is finished.  I put a lot of thought and time into making this outfit all come together, but I think it was worth it.