Monthly Archives: March 2013

Another Little Hand Knitted Doll Sweater

I just finished up another little sweater for Kish Bethany, Pamela Macy’s Remy or Pia, and Tonner’s Patsy and Ann Estelle and friends.  I took this picture next to the one I made last week.  I thought they looked cute together.



A Peek At Some New Things From the Past Week

Just wanted to give you a tiny glimpse of what I’ve been working on this week.  I have a new 7-piece ensemble for the Little Darlings and for the slightly smaller girls (Patsy, Ann Estelle, Bethany, and Remy/Pia and other dolls of similar size) a hand knit and rose embroidered sweater.  The sweater is on the neutral pastel side to match many outfits.  I will be putting them both on eBay Sunday evening.