New Looks for My Little Darling

I placed an order for some new Kemper mohair wigs a couple of months ago and wanted to share them with you.  I am always amazed at the way a change in wig changes a doll’s look.  I prefer mohair because the strands stay where you put them and I just prefer natural fibers.   Kemper’s  prices are very reasonable for these wigs and they arrived quickly.

The Tomboy wig is the only wig in my order that I thought I would never use.  However, I found it looks adorable on my Little Darling when she is wearing a hat.  It is in size 7″- 8″ (roomy, not tight) and in auburn.


I also ordered this Hannah mohair wig.  I think it is very cute on my Little Darling.  I haven’t yet styled it too much.  It arrived in these spiral curls, instead of the waves like their website shows on Bleuette.  I ordered the size 7″- 8″ for a roomy fit in the light brown color.  For some reason this size and color are priced lower than other sizes and colors.


Lastly, I ordered Giselle wigs in pale pale blonde and medium brown (7″- 8″).  I love pageboy bobs on my dolls.  This style is thinned out, which I like.  When these wigs arrived they needed some trimming to even out the shape and the blonde needed even more trimming than the brown color.


These wigs also fit my Remy Macy doll and my Bergemann Dream Doll.

5 thoughts on “New Looks for My Little Darling

  1. Carol Christiansen

    Hi, Cindy! Thank you so much for sharing the info on these Kemper wigs. I love the look of the “Tomboy” wig on your Little Darling. I’m always on the lookout for cute styles for these sweet dolls. Maybe when you comb out the curls on the “Hannah” wig, it will look more like the photo. I’ve combed out the rolled curls on the New Year Patsy and I love the way it looks….very soft curls. No guarantee though! 🙂 How’s your latest project coming for the Little Darlings? Good, I hope. Til later….Carol

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    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Carol,
      Your welcome. I will try combing out the curls to get the waves on the Hannah wig. I am working away on some new things that will be ready soon.

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