Hand Knit & Embroidered Dresses for Amelia Thimble

I am so inspired by the flowers that are springing up everywhere that I just had to make a few more dresses for Amelia Thimble.  These dresses are hand knit with bamboo thread, hand embroidered, and are oh, so tiny!




8 thoughts on “Hand Knit & Embroidered Dresses for Amelia Thimble

  1. fun4shirley

    I would like to buy the little yellow dress. Please?!



    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      I will have the dresses on my website within the next couple of days. If you would like to know exactly when, sign up to follow my blog. I will add a post to this blog when my website is updated with new items for sale. Thanks, Shirley.

  2. Mymy

    Modelos abosolutamente adorables,dí con éste blog por casualidad y me dejó sin habla,muchas felicidades por ese perfeccionismo,soy una enamorada de las muñecas y ahora también de tus trajes Cindy.
    Un abrazo desde Spain


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