Cardigan Sweater for Effner’s Little Darlings


I’ve just completed this sweet cardigan for the Little Darlings.  It is hand knit with super kid mohair/silk yarn and lavishly embroidered with bullion roses and rosebuds in little girl colors.  I made it longer than usual so it can be worn with skirts and slacks, as well as dresses.  This is a versatile sweater that will dress up many different pieces.  The cardigan closes with genuine freshwater pearls.  Nothing is too fine for these beautiful dolls.



The cardigan can also be worn buttoned up the back.

7 thoughts on “Cardigan Sweater for Effner’s Little Darlings

  1. tanyia rowlett

    beautiful. I have a granddaughter .and I found a doll for her this pattern would be so cute for the doll

      1. hhs65

        Thank you so much for all the info. I ordered the wig today. Looking through your gallery I saw many interesting outfits. I too love to sew for my dolls. Susan >

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