Daily Archives: August 28, 2013

Amelia Thimble’s Everlasting Garden Dresses

Remember that handful of dresses in one of the previous posts?  Well, here they are completed.  I needed to  photograph the dresses as a group.  I am a color nut and love seeing them all together.  Just yummy!!!

Everlasting Garden 319

I took a picture of all of the hats together too.  I have these small old wooden spools of silk thread and thimbles.  They show just how tiny these hat are.

Everlasting Garden Hats 358

Here are some pictures of Amelia modeling the dresses.

Roses in my Garden note  Pink & Pretty 385

By the time she had on the 4th dress she needed a break and sat down.  I really couldn’t get her to stand up anymore. (honest)

Flowers for Fall 433  Pretty Autumn 435

Then, after a pep talk from me she put on the last dress and gave me a beautiful, if tired smile.  She had quite a day.

Petite Bouquet 458

Everlasting Garden Spread Out 341

For more information on these dress/hat sets please visit cindyricedesigns.com.