Patience & Amelia Thimble Model New Sister Set

Fall & Pretty Sisters 361

Fall & Pretty Sisters 377

Wilde Imagination’s Patience and Amelia Thimble dolls are here to show you their brand new sister set that I just completed for them.  I used this corduroy print once last year making an outfit for Helen Kish’s Bethany doll and loved working with these colors so much that I decided to use it again for Patience.  Of course if Patience gets a new outfit then Amelia gets a coordinating set too.  The embroidery on this set is a different stitch for me.  Because the flowers are pastel on a darker yarn I had to make them more solid so they would show up nicely.  I put a lazy daisy stitch around straight stitches and was very happy with the end result.  Does anyone know if this stitch has a name?

To see more pictures and for more information on these outfits, please visit

Fall & Pretty Sisters 370

Fall & Pretty Sisters 364

Fall & Pretty Sisters 372

Fall & Pretty Sisters 401

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