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Party Dresses for Amelia Thimble

party dresses 733

I was inspired by those cute little party dresses with the poofy feather skirts that you see everywhere these days.  I didn’t want to use feathers though for tiny Amelia.  This super kid mohair lace weight yarn seemed like it might give the effect I wanted and it did knit in garter stitch.  I had matching bamboo and mohair in white and pink so made a party dress out of each.  I love how frilly and delicate these dresses are.  They are the perfect winter party dresses.

li'l party dress 692

snowflake wishes 704

li'l party dress 737

I kept the embroidery colors as delicate as possible while still looking colorful.  The little lazy daisy bow adds tiny waistline embellishment.

snowflake wishes 740

snowflake wishes 723

I felt these dresses were much too fancy for a knit hat so I made embroidered knit headbands to finish off her party ready look.  Sweet Amelia Thimble told me that she feels so pretty modeling these dresses.  I told her she is always pretty, inside and out.

li'l party dress 697

For more information on these dresses please visit my website, Cindy Rice Designs.