Daily Archives: December 10, 2013

Santa’s New Little Helper

seasonly green 320

Santa has a new elf, Fairyland’s Pukipuki, Sugar.  She is only 1 cm taller than Amelia Thimble, but has a wider body style.  She is still pretty tiny, but super poseable!  Even though her feet are so teeny tiny there are magnets in there so it’s a cinch to have her stand.  If you look closely at my photos you can see the outline of a metal lid under my white sheet.  Her magnets still work through the sheet and her plastic Kelly shoes.  These are the original Kelly doll shoes and fit nice and snug.  There are also a set of magnets in her hands so the metal bell at the tip of her Santa hat sits on her open palm.    My Pukipuki Sugar wanted a set to match Amelia Thimble’s so I made her one to match “Green for the Season”.

xmas 3 tinies 025

seasonly green 069

seasonly green 361

For more information on this set, please visit my website.