Happy New Year Beginnings

A happy new year to all my wonderful readers!!!

Here in very snowy and cold northern Illinois I have enjoyed my holiday time with my family and away from “work”.  (However, it is not work to me because I love what I do.)  A quote from Gretchen Rubin, author of Happier at Home, stuck with me.  She says, “No matter how much you love what you do, it’s nice to have a little break.”  I have found this to be true.  I feel refreshed and passionate about my little dresses and dolls once again.  I must confess that I did sneak in a bit of time here and there to “work” a bit.  I cannot go cold turkey and create zero, zilch, nada, for oh, probably no more that two or three days.  So, yesterday and today I took some pictures of sets that I completed during my time “off” from “work”.  Here are a couple of sneak peak pics.

wip 01-02-14 711

wip 01-02-14 706

Yes, this is for Valentine’s Day.  I know it’s early but, I like to get a head start on holiday dresses so their new owners have a chance to display them on their girls well in advance of the holiday.  Sugar didn’t seem to mind.  The hearts and pink roses match her personality perfectly.  She is a dream to photograph and pose.  I LOVE her!!!  So happy Fairyland is making Pukipuki dolls again.  Denver Dolls also sells these cuties.

7 thoughts on “Happy New Year Beginnings

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Heather. This was the first time I tried embroidering miniscule hearts on my dresses. I combined a few stitches and was very happy with how they ended up looking like what they were supposed to. 🙂 I’m not always so lucky.


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