Happy Valentine’s Day from Patience

Patience is so happy to have a Valentine’s Day ensemble to model for you.  Isn’t she “LOVE”ly in it?  This festive outfit features all of the requisite Valentine’s Day colors, shades of red and pink, and ivory.  Delicate English cotton cluny lace decorates the hemline.  There are lots of hand embroidered hearts in this outfit, the crocheted headband alone has a dozen.  To get all of the pieces to coordinate to my liking I hand dyed (and custom mixed most dyes) the silk ribbon, Peruvian Highland wool for the sweater, cotton fabric to match the heart print’s background, and cotton Lycra for the tights.

valentine wishes 048

valentine wishes 083

valentine wishes 108

valentine wishes 096

valentine wishes 085

Patience’s little bracelet is made with freshwater pearls.  Here’s a close up of the lace, isn’t it delicate?

valentine wishes 071

A dozen hearts in five different shades are embroidered on Patience’s headband.  A “corsage” of hearts adorns her shoulder.

valentine wishes 030

Patience wants to be your Valentine.

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