New Dresses to Welcome Spring

Yeah!  It is officially spring.  We made it through the worst winter in recent memory.  I am so, so excited for warm air, spring breezes, flowers, and lots of sunshine.

To celebrate spring I’ve made five new dresses for Amelia Thimble and Izzy.  Each is knit with hand dyed fine lace weight baby alpaca/silk in the palest shades of pure color, no neutrals here.  Each dress has a different type of hat/headband.  I’ve left one without for those little girls with a hairstyle not suitable for hats.  And, of course, colorful floral hand embroidery adorns each dress.

I hope you enjoy the dresses and the new season.

pastel dresses on hangers 261

flowery mint 287

lemon chiffon 188

flowery mint 099

spring breeze 189

barely pink 284

flowery mint 194

lemon chiffon 156

sweet lavender 207

barely pink 203

sweet lavender 110

spring breeze 051

pastels on branch 225

For more information on these one-of-a-kind dresses for Amelia Thimble & Izzy please visit the Available page on my website.

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