“Softly Spring” Ensemble for Dianna Effner’s Little Darlings

softly spring 812

Gina is back to modeling for me and is as happy as can be.  I’ve been working for a while now on this very involved 8-piece ensemble for the beautifully sweet Little Darlings.

I am so happy with how this mohair/silk lace hand knit sweater turned out.  It is knit from the top down, then I added lace edgings with a 3 needle bind off.  I wanted the scalloped edge of the lace edging, but still wanted to make the sweater from the top down so this was my solution.  Lots of math involved as the lace had a specific number for the pattern and then the sleeves and body had to be the exact same number of stitches as the edging that would go with it.  Yikes, I could feel the burn as my brain worked on this one!

softly spring 922

I encircled the eyelet neckline with lots of delicate hand embroidery; roses in pinks, some blue and yellow golden flower clusters, and pretty green for the meandering stems and leaves.

softly spring 938

After I completed the sweater I was able to see the kind of dress that I thought would be pretty with it.  I found this very soft washed blue cotton chambray in my fabric collection.  I added some tucks to the skirt along with a rose bouquet motif and white tulle that barely peeks out from underneath the skirt.  I repeated a smaller rose bouquet motif on the bodice just under the strap on the opposite side to balance the embroidered motifs.  The entire dress is lined in white cotton lawn with all of the seams enclosed to make the dress beautiful inside.

softly spring 906   softly spring 819

softly spring 939

A low back and angled straps show off these dolls graceful arms, pretty back, and slightly sloping shoulders so well.  I love how Dianna sculpted the body of these dolls, so graceful and elegant.

softly spring 908   softly spring 830

I added a crocheted drawstring purse with a cotton voile hankie (embroidered with the L.D.’s initials), some crocheted ballet slippers, a bracelet, bow headband, and panties and the ensemble was complete.

softly spring 956

softly spring 909

For more information on this ensemble please visit my website, cindyricedesigns.com.

9 thoughts on ““Softly Spring” Ensemble for Dianna Effner’s Little Darlings

  1. Susie

    Such a beautiful confection! All the little details are wonderful ~ I’ll bet Gina didn’t want to give this one up. 🙂

  2. celia42@windstream.net

    Cindy, This spring ensemble that you have made for Gina is so lovely. I have ordered a Little Darling from Effner dolls, and I am patiently waiting for her. I am a new knitter, and I want to learn to knit for my doll, so will go to your website to see if you sell your patterns. THanks for having your beautiful website. Celia


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