Violas or Johnny-Jump Ups

Sow a packet of Violas one time in your garden and every year they will gift you with more and more tiny plants without any work help from you.  What I find so fascinating about these tiny pansy-like flowers is that one basic heirloom variety begets many different color combinations.  So, if you are a pansyaholic, enjoy shades of purple, and love surprises in your garden throw down a packet of these in the spring and enjoy for years to come.

Viola wtitle Collage

The violas growing in my garden inspired me to create this little dress for my Fairyland Pukipuki Sugar.  I used bullion stitch, colonial knots, lazy daisy, back stitch, and oyster stitches to create the embroidery on this hand knit lilac bamboo dress.

sweet li'l viola 499

sweet li'l viola 505

sweet li'l viola 502

sweet li'l viola 495

For more information on Pukipuki’s viola dress please visit

10 thoughts on “Violas or Johnny-Jump Ups

  1. Sharon in Spain x

    Beautiful flowers and a gorgeous little dress to match! Your work is just wonderful!
    Hugs Sharon in Spain xx


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