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What’s Growing Around Here

Since July is coming to a close and it was a perfect day for taking photos (overcast) I wanted to capture some images of what is growing around our house.  I spend very little time in the garden these days, so what is growing has started up by itself with little or no help from me.

Our apple tree has quite a few apples, but sadly they seem to be dropping before they can ripen.  I don’t think we will get any this year.  Last year for the first time in 6 seasons, we had some for eating.  I wrote about it here.

apples 970 fallen apples 965 fallen apples 972

The yellow jacket wasps will be very happy.  They love the fruit.

The maple tree has these beautifully colored “helicopters”.

maple seeds 967

A bit of leaf lettuce is growing in clay pots.  My daughter started some seeds for a biology experiment and this was extra.  We couldn’t throw it out, so we put it into a couple of pots and hope to enjoy a salad soon.

lettuce 954 lettuce 953

My husband and daughter went to the greenhouse and purchased some beautiful herbs.  Here is a dwarf purple basil and an orange mint.

purple dwarf basil 952 orange mint 951

I dried some jalapeño seeds (I eat LOTS and LOTS of jalapeños) and planted them as an experiment.  Do you see the baby jalapeño?  I have four plants growing and they are still in shallow containers.  I REALLY need to take 20 minutes out of my day and get these poor little plants into deeper pots, nothing too big though.  I want to be able to bring them inside and keep them going under florescent lights when it starts to get cold.

tiny jalapeno 957

And here are cantaloupe plants that started out in our compost pile from cantaloupe seeds that came from a grocery store melon.  I dug up a few and planted them in the sun near the house.  I hope they have a chance to turn into ripe fruit before it gets cold.

melon plants 963

The violas, pinks, and lobelia reseed every year without any help from me.

violas 973 pinks 956 lobelia 992

My hanging baskets that my husband and daughter planted for me on Mother’s Day are doing quite well.  Aren’t the flowers colorful?

snapdragons 981

So, that’s it for out and around the house at the end of July.  It was nice to get out today and observe nature even if it was only for a short while before I came in and got to work on my new project.  Unlike the apples on our tree, the apples in this print are looking quite delectable.  Hope you all had a great weekend!

daily 072615 949