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“Vintage & Rosy” for the Little Darlings

Yes, it’s me again with another ensemble to show you.  I was so busy with creating new outfits during the last couple of weeks; I was on a roll and didn’t take the time for photography, so here they are almost all at once.  Sorry, I hope you don’t mind. 🙂

Here is my Little Darling, Gina, in a one-of-a-kind 1970s inspired ensemble.  This is one of my favorite floral prints.  It reminds me of the 1970s, but without the orange, using pink instead.

vintage & rosy 148

Here’s a picture of my best friend and I right before our 8th grade graduation, long, long ago.  This is the dress that I thought of when I saw this floral print.

graduation dress

I also used this print to make an ensemble for Patience, but hers is in a brighter colorway.  You can see it here.  The colors in Gina’s ensemble are more muted, so this would be perfect for wearing into the fall season too.

vintage & rosy 141

The bullion stitched embroidered roses, hand dyed rayon ribbon, tiny thread bows, and a few bugle beads add lots of rosiness to this ensemble while the English cotton Cluny lace, fine thread crocheted ballet slipper shoes, and whitish flowers in the fabric add that warm white/ecru vintage feel.  I love the touch of blue in the print and brought that out with a few colonial knot embroidered flowers and the heart dangle on the bracelet.

The crocheted ballet slipper shoe tops are made with very fine thread.  The Little Darlings have the cutest shaped feet and ankles, so these hand made “tinies” show them off.   The roses on the slippers are hand made out of the lace with a bit of rayon ribbon and a seed bead added.  The extra lace rose and the pink crocheted rosebud on Gina’s wrist are separate, so they can be tied anywhere: hair, over waistline ribbon, wrist, etc.

vintage & rosy 150

vintage & rosy 144

vintage & rosy 267For more information on Gina’s “Vintage & Rosy” ensemble, please visit my “Available for Sale” page on .


“Fit for a Princess” is Something New for Talyssa

I was looking back at the last outfits that I’ve made for Talyssa and saw that she needed something softly colored.  For some reason I tend to make her brightly colored ensembles, so I looked through my fabrics and found something soft and sweet for her.

fit for a princess 164I must admit that I love her in these colors.  I think she looks like a little princess, don’t you?

fit for a princess 155

Her little lace shrug is knit with wool/angora yarn.  It is oh so soft and yummy!

fit for a princess 234

fit for a princess 172

This ensemble required a “princess touch”, so I added a dainty pearl headband.

fit for a princess 159

For holding her treasures there is a crocheted drawstring bag with a pearl, silver tone rose bead, and pink crystal dangle to sparkle and catch the light.

fit for a princess 153

fit for a princess 219

fit for a princess 167For more information on Talyssa’s “Fit for a Princess” ensemble please visit my “Available for Sale” page on .

“A Midsummer’s Garden”

As we head into summer our gardens will be at their summer’s best.  Are you ready to enjoy this special time of year?

My Little Darling, Gina, has donned a summery ensemble to wear while meandering amongst the flowers and maybe picking a few too.

a midsummer's garden 029

a midsummer's garden 039Gina’s pure white bamboo lace sweater is embroidered with its own mirrored garden motifs.  They coordinate with her summer dress which is in a palette of cool summer colors.

a midsummer's garden 035a midsummer's garden 045The knitted lace motif follows the hemline of the cardigan and down the center of each sleeve.

The little crocheted ballet slippers add a magical touch to this ensemble and show off the Little Darlings’ sweetly shaped feet.

a midsummer's garden 042

a midsummer's garden 026Gina picked a few blossoms just for you!

a midsummer's garden 048For more information on Gina’s “A Midsummer’s Garden” please visit my “Available for Sale” page on .