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A Letter to Santa

Hello! Do you have memories writing letters to Santa? I don’t really, but I’m sure I did write to him at some point. Santa was very magical to me until I was about 10 years old. I never figured it out myself–my mom had to break the heart wrenching news to me, and I really was devastated. I was assured he would still visit and leave gifts, as I had younger siblings, but that didn’t matter as much as the magic being gone. ūüė•

Talyssa is a believer and I will never tell her otherwise. This sweet girl wrote the nicest letter to Santa this year. Talyssa would love a puppy, and only if it is okay with her parents. (After all, they are the ones who will do most of the work, right?) Talyssa then ends her letter with a P.S. offering her help to Santa, that is if he needs it.

Talyssa has donned her Santa hat and festive attire so that she can be ready just in case she hears back from Santa asking for her help.

The dress fabric was purchased last year and is called “All the Trimmings” by Maywood Studio. Talyssa’s cardigan is my pattern and was made longer with a bit of a-line shaping. Let me know if you’d like the particulars on how to change the pattern. I hand dyed Knit Picks Preciosa to this pretty cherry red. Bare Preciosa is used for the hat’s band and pom pom.

Have you started any holiday decorating yet? We will be visiting the tree farm and putting up our tree is two short weeks. Unbelievable!

I’d love to hear about your holiday preparations going on now or soon to be.

Sending hugs and warmth during these darker days in the northern hemisphere.


“Garden Delights” & “Nature’s Surprises”

I hope you all are having a great summer weekend.  We are enjoying beautiful summer weather here in northern Illinois.  The humidity is low, the sun is shining, and for July the temperatures are staying on the cooler side.

Yesterday, I got my promised Mother’s Day visit to the Chicago Botanic Gardens. ¬†We usually go either at the beginning of the growing season or towards the end in late August, so this time was a little different.

botanic gardens entrance 892

Today I’ll show you the photos from our first stop at the gardens. Please excuse the quality of my photos; it was a very sunny day. ¬†The Butterflies and Blooms exhibit was moved this year, so we actually noticed it and decided to check it out.

blooms butterflies 857

This exhibit is a large screened in enclosure with butterflies flying all around.  Flowers that  butterflies particularly love are planted everywhere.

blooms butterflies 883

The butterflies will land on you too. ¬†I was told that they seem to love white the best. ¬†I was wearing a darker colored top, so they left me alone, but landed on my daughter’s shoulder.

blooms butterflies shoulder 882

These little feeding stations are set up throughout the exhibit.  I think these two are dining on banana.

blooms butterflies 869

blooms butterflies 873blooms butterflies 879blooms butterflies 871blooms butterflies 881blooms butterflies 880

The chrysalises are purchased and hung on wooden dowels until the butterflies emerge.  Here is one that is almost ready to fly free.

butterfly chrysalis 884

This visit to the Butterflies and Blooms exhibit at the Chicago Botanic Gardens was perfectly timed (not planned though) to show you Talyssa and Gracie’s new ensembles. ¬†I don’t usually make two at the same time for Kaye’s MSDs, but the fabrics are from the same collection and begged to be made into coordinating sets, so I did just that. ¬†I hope you like them. ¬†By the way, both sets are the same size so can fit both the 17″ and 18″ MSD bodies.

nature's delights garden surprises 692

nature's delights 784

garden surprises 066 2

nature's delights 814

garden surprises 834

As you can see, Talyssa found her own butterflies in the garden.

garden surprises 775

garden surprises 835

And Gracie, found a little house wren that she befriended.

nature's delights 787

nature's delights 804

nature's delights garden surprises 670

Gracie’s “Nature’s Delights” and Talyssa’s “Garden Surprises” ensembles will be available tonight (July 10, 2016) at 7:00 pm CST, ¬†Check the “Shop What’s New” page at that time for more details.

Welcome Gracie!

Months ago I preordered my first 18″ MSD Kaye Wiggs doll from Jpop Dolls. ¬†Gracie was a new sculpt of Kaye’s and her beautiful face stole my heart. ¬†She was available in two resin colors: ¬†natural and sunkissed,¬†three body sizes: ¬†17″ (Talyssa, Mei Mei), 18″, and Toby size. ¬†I chose the sunkissed resin on the 18″ body.

I decided on the sunkissed resin because, for me, it is easier to photograph and looks great with everything. ¬†My Millie is sunkissed and Talyssa is natural resin, so I’ve had a chance to compare the two. ¬†Kaye’s sunkissed color is actually the same value as a Little Darling, so it is not dark at all. ¬†If you’d like to see both you can view my slideshow for each doll on my website. ¬†Here is Millie and here is Talyssa’s slideshow (you can click on the slideshow photos to see more of that particular ensemble if you’d like). ¬†What do you think?

Gracie arrived last Friday! ¬†I didn’t have any clothes for her to wear, but that didn’t stop me from taking some photos of her with her new “sister”, Talyssa. ¬†Please excuse the nude shots. ¬†I thought it was okay because they are dolls after all. ¬†(lol) ¬†Gracie and Talyssa became fast friends, just like Gina and Lucy, my Little Darlings, did last November. ¬†You can see Lucy’s welcome photos here.

gracie talyssa 563

I was so happy to receive brown eyes for Gracie, my first! ¬†I put Talyssa in her natural (the color she arrived in) eye color. ¬†Both girls wear 8″-9″ sized wigs and 15mm(Eyeco platinum)-16mm eyes, so can share. ¬†I’m hoping they can share clothes as well. ¬†I am currently making an ensemble using Talyssa’s patterns, so we will see if any adjustments are needed.

gracie talyssa 566

Gracie and Talyssa are both standing for these photos, so you can see the slight height difference.  Their resin colors are very close in value.

gracie talyssa 546

For those of you interested in preordering Penny who is now available in tan, but aren’t sure about the tan resin, here is what I found out about the tan resin from Jpop Dolls. ¬†Kaye’s sunkissed resin color is only used for her dolls; tan Penny is a little darker and not as warm in hue. ¬†If you know the old Sasha dolls (sorry, I don’t) tan Penny is lighter than those. ¬†They mentioned that¬†this tan resin is not dark at all compared to other tans that they use.

Hope your week is off to a great start!  Are you as AMAZED as I am that this is the last week of February? Spring is right around the corner!  Yay!

Bye for now, reader friends.