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Live and Learn When Things Go Wrong

What do you do when you are working on something, putting your heart into what you are making, and then, something goes wrong?

I was really sad and oh, so disappointed.  The hours I spent knitting and embroidering this sweater flashed through my mind as I looked at the stains that a new strand of beads had left behind around the buttonholes.  I tried dabbing the worst stain out with water, then tried a tiny bit of Shout, the one stain didn’t budge, so I didn’t even try with the others.

Well, how bad are the stains?  Not too bad, in my opinion, but the sweater is not perfect now.   😞  I know that I don’t have it in me to remake this sweater and the stains are very faint, so the sweater isn’t ruined.  I removed the offending beads and replaced them with glass beads.  If the sweater is buttoned, the stains are totally covered up.  And, (ha ha) unbuttoned in a darkened room they are unnoticeable.  Hey, I gotta laugh or I’d cry!

But seriously, see not too bad.

holiday darling 141

holiday darling 151Here is the sweater with the new glass beads sewn on and the sweater buttoned up.

And, here is Talyssa during the photo shoot when everything was going perfectly, or so I thought.  I liked Gina’s “Ivy and Holly” ensemble so much that I decided to make Talyssa one of her own.

holiday darling 076Now, for the learning part and in case you were wondering about these beads.  These beads were labeled as “Dyed Bamboo Coral”.  I wanted to better understand how this happened and how I could test beads , so I took the strand and rubbed it on an old wool sweater and sure enough there was a faint pink stain left on the wool.  Needless to say, I will be staying away from dyed beads.

Talyssa’s “Holiday Darling” ensemble is available (at a special price) on my “Shop What’s New” page at

News & New

I find that it’s a lot of work selling things on eBay.  I spent most of the day yesterday gathering items, photographing them, and writing up the eBay listings, not sure if it’s worth the work for the little things, especially if they don’t even sell.  We’ll see what happens.  I may have lots to donate to Good Will.  I think that it is worth it for the larger collectibles as these would not be appreciated (most likely) at Good Will, and that would make me sad.

I spent the this morning packing up five dolls that will be in their new homes very soon.  That will make a total of 8 dolls that have started new chapters in their lives:  Big Ann Estelle, Lark, Song, White Rabbit, Tamsin, Avery, Zsu Zse, and Anjali.  I’m sure they are (or soon will be) very happy to be away from me where they spent too many days not doing much of anything; I am hoping their new families are happy with them too.

While these 8 dolls were very bored with me, there are others who are very, very busy.  Here’s Gina with a new ensemble called “Pink & Plum Encore”.  I used the smaller rose print which is second from the right.  It is a shade deeper and the roses are smaller, but it is from the same fabric collection.

fall fabric 999

Just for fun, here are the two ensembles side by side.  Because we are getting nearer and nearer to cool autumn weather, I made a slouchy beret for the new set.

pink & plum encore 693   pink 'n plum 302

The sweater and beret set are hand knit with mohair/silk lace weight yarn.  The sweater is embroidered with two mirrored image rose bouquet motifs in coordinating colors.  The slouchy beret has its own rose motif too.

pink & plum encore 701

pink & plum encore 693

Gina’s skirt features a deep tuck which overlaps fine English cotton Cluny lace with two hand made rayon bows sewn equidistant from the skirt’s center.  These bows match the waistline ribbon tie on the dress.  Gina is wearing light pink cotton Lycra tights to keep her legs warm.  Sorry, they are hidden by her boots at this camera angle.

pink & plum encore 699

pink & plum encore 721

pink & plum encore 698

pink & plum encore 732

For more information on Gina’s “Pink & Plum Encore” ensemble, please visit my “Available for Sale” page at

Talyssa’s “An Autumn Rose” ensemble is still available.  My Talyssa is getting a bit giddy because she is anticipating that this will be hers to keep.  Let’s not make her too happy; if she’s not sitting around naked I will not be motivated to make her anything new because she looks way too cute all dressed up.

If you’d like to bring this ensemble home for your Talyssa or Mei Mei mention the words “sorry Talyssa” in your contact form or email to me and I will give you a discount of $20 off of this set through the end of this week (through 9/4/15 only).

Here’s Talyssa for another look at “An Autumn Rose”.

an autumn rose 598

an autumn rose 619

Bye for now and thanks for reading!

Hugs, Cindy



“An Autumn Rose”

Summer is winding down.  Do you feel it where you live?  Boy, did I feel it this yesterday morning!  I wanted to take a few more pictures of Talyssa modeling her new ensemble and I couldn’t wait to get back inside, although it probably didn’t help that I was barefoot!

an autumn rose 551

an autumn rose 581

Talyssa’s sweater is knit with Knitpicks Diadem.  It is a single ply yarn which I found to be quite a challenge to knit with.  The threads in each strand of yarn did not want to stay together (and there were a lot of ultra fine silk strands), so I had to be extra careful to get all of it on my needle with each stitch.  It did get easier as I progressed, but knitting this sweater probably took twice as long as it would have with a plied yarn.  On the plus side, this yarn is very silky and soft; it is made with mulberry silk/baby alpaca fibers.  The photos don’t show how the sweater shimmers and shines.

an autumn rose 561

an autumn rose 552

The headband can be worn like an ear warmer or like a typical headband.  Talyssa is modeling it both ways.

an autumn rose 574

an autumn rose 544I really enjoy fall, but the end of summer always makes me feel a bit melancholy.  How does the end of summer make you feel?

For more information on Talyssa’s “An Autumn Rose” ensemble, please visit my “Available for Sale” page at .