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“Garden Wishes” for Millie

When I think of pretty summer colors I think of pure semi-bright color and this print is full of those shades.  The grass green fabric background is so fresh—perfect pink, light blue, lemon yellow and pure white add to this lovely summer palette.

garden wishes 2 992

garden wishes 2 938

garden wishes 931Millie’s cropped cardigan is knit with pink bamboo yarn and embroidered with two mirrored image bullion rose motifs.

garden wishes 2 980Millie’s set of flower hair ties gives a fun and quirky look to this summery outfit.  They can be tied in pigtails, braids, or in sections of hair.

garden wishes 966

garden wishes 960

garden wishes 010

garden wishes 952For more information on Millie’s “Garden Wishes” ensemble, please visit the “Available for Sale” page on .

“Lavender Rosy Garden”

I am someone who loves the purples–lavender, lilac, violet, purple, plum, orchid, mauve (although I got burned out on this last color in the 1980s) and I am someone who loves roses, so this new ensemble for the Little Darlings practically created itself.  Just kidding, of course.

Jeanne, at the blog, I Dream of Jeanne Marie, started creating a yummy lavender dress for American Girl dolls a couple of weeks ago and looking at her pretty lavender outfit got me itching to make something in this shade right now too.

a lavender rosy garden 905I have this rose fabric in four shades and two of them are purples.  This rose print reminded me of my grandma’s pillowcases that she always used.  I wrote about that hereHere is Patience’s rose dress made from this fabric in a red violet shade.  This lavender print is a bit bluer than Patience’s ensemble.

a lavender rosy garden 906

a lavender rosy garden 917It was a bit tedious getting both rows of lace to line up perfectly, but I am happy I took the time to get it perfect.  The double rows of lace make this ensemble dressier, I think.

a lavender rosy garden 921I knit the sweater out of lace weight mohair/silk and embroidered two mirrored image motifs on the front.

a lavender rosy garden 902For more information on this ensemble for the Little Darlings, please visit my “Available for Sale” page at .

“Strawberry Picking”

Strawberry picking is so much fun even though it is a lot of work filling those baskets to the top. But maybe that’s because too many strawberries get eaten before making it into the baskets.

I haven’t been strawberry (or blueberry, or raspberry, or apple) picking for years and years and years.  It was always something that I enjoyed doing when my daughter was young.  For sure, it is an educational experience for the little ones.  They get to see how the berry needs to be a blossom first, and then with the help of bees, will start to become a strawberry.  They see the color changes it goes through before it is ready to be picked and eaten.  And, if they eat one before it is ripe, they can taste the changes too.  So very interesting…

Here in northern Illinois/southern Wisconsin the strawberries aren’t ready for picking .  They are just about ready, but not quite yet.  Maybe we’ll get out to pick a few this year.  This is where we go to pick our strawberries.

I got a bit nostalgic while creating this outfit for Talyssa, so I retreated to our photo albums to find when we last went strawberry picking; it was 2003!  My daughter was dressed in her strawberry top and pink shorts from Gymboree.  I don’t remember being so “event coordinated,” if you know what I mean.  Oh, and I had on a top that perfectly matched her shorts.  Sheesh!  At least my husband wasn’t wearing pink.

strawberry picking 2 831This brand-spanking-new strawberry print (I couldn’t wait to use it!) came in pink gingham and aqua gingham too.  The sunny yellow gingham appealed to me the most, so I chose the yellow.

strawberry picking 2 811

strawberry picking 822It was fun creating the little accessories to go with this set.  The little strawberry is a mini stuffy with beads and a crocheted top.  Talyssa can hold the berry by the loop.  The crocheted basket will hold the strawberry too.  I had the strawberry charm in my bead drawer waiting for the perfect fabric.  Those little aqua bead blossoms matched the blossoms on the fabric oh, so nicely.

tiny flower beads 809

strawberry picking 858

strawberry picking 2 838

The tiny berries worked perfectly in bullion stitch embroidery on the sweater.  I embroidered them in pink and red to match the dress.

strawberry picking 2 841

For more information on Talyssa’s “Strawberry Picking” ensemble, please visit my “Available for Sale” page at .