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Hello to You!

Hi there! I hope you are well… and not too stressed if you’ve been in the midst of holiday preparations. It’s a busy time, that is for sure.

I am doing fine. I still have presents to wrap and some still to arrive in the mail, but my shopping is complete. We did a big grocery shop this morning, so the cupboards are far from bare, and all ready for holiday cooking and munching.

Today does not feel wintery and Christmasy at all. It is sunny and in the low 40s. Having grown up in Chicago (Illinois) suburban areas (and and still here) I am used to it being cold for Christmas and somewhat snowy too; many years it is also cloudy. Although I am hoping the sky stays clear as getting a glimpse of the Christmas star tonight is very intriguing to me.

I’ve been making YouTube vlog videos weekly since Advent started. I really enjoy catching clips of video throughout my day. The latest video is from last week. It includes some of what we’ve cooked, sewed, dolls getting dressed, pets looking cute ūüėČ, walks in the neighborhood, and the start of ’12 days of holiday movies’ (something new we’ve begun as a family and are enjoying). Oh, I included (in the description box underneath this YouTube video on my page) how to make a new snack–Super Simple Baked French Fries–they are DELICIOUS!!! and rival those fried potatoes at fast food places. For my daughter and I these French fries cure any French fry craving that might arise.

I am going to be making my 10″ Boneka Rose a new ensemble. I found seven fabrics that I like and cannot decide. Which do you like?

Number 1
Number 2
Number 3
Number 4
Number 5
Number 6
Number 7

Do you have a favorite? I cannot decide. Rose would probably look beautiful in any of them–she’s such a cutie. Her Little Darling sisters are looking forward to Rose joining them all dressed up in something new, so I want to get started soon.

My little Penny (by Linda Macario) has a dress in the works. She loved this girly bow print, so she helped me with the picking out of the fabric. Penny loves how the blue bows match her eyes.

Wishing you a beautiful week ahead. I plan to be back soon to share some holiday moments with you. Thank you so much for visiting with me today! Sending hugs ūü§ó and ‚̧ԳŹ!

Wanna See My Fabric, etc. Haul?

Who can resist a sale of fabrics and notions? ¬†Not I! ¬†Not I…even in a pouring down rainstorm. ¬†You all who are sewers or makers know exactly what I’m talking about. ¬†A sale of fabric and notions doesn’t come around often?

I met this woman at a nearby garage sale this summer. ¬†She was helping out at her friend’s garage sale and had some of her ribbons, buttons, and quilt kits there. ¬†I bought lots of her buttons and ribbon by the way. ¬†Tiny mother-of-pearl buttons and silk ribbon spools for 20 cents each! ¬†Come on… are you kidding me?

2019 fabric sale 0072019 fabric sale 009

I asked her about small scale fabric and she told me how she had bought out her friend’s quilt shop in Texas and had tons of fabric to get rid of¬†sell over at her house, but it probably wouldn’t be until September, so of course I gave her my email.

I haven’t made any dresses for the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes yet and I really want to. ¬†I needed some one yard cuts for these, so that was my main reason to venture out in the rain this morning. ūüėģ and ūüėČ ¬†(As if I needed a reason.)

It was so much fun. ¬†It was like a fabric store in her basement. ¬†And she had a beautiful basement (with a kitchen) at that–a most gorgeous house from what I saw! ¬†She had a cutting table set up where she had a helper cutting fabric. ¬†At another station her sister (I think) was in charge of adding up purchases and collecting cash. ¬†All the while she kept bringing out more fabric!!!

Her quilting room was painted the most wonderful shade of lilac. ¬†She said the color was called muddy lilac or something like that. ¬†It was a very rich color of lilac and very calming, I felt. ¬†It didn’t look muddy at all, simply perfect.

2019 fabric sale 9912019 fabric sale 993

Here’s what I found for the girls’ dresses.

2019 fabric sale 006

The first two fabrics (below) are my favorites for my doll ensembles.

2019 fabric sale 996

2019 fabric sale 004

I found these buttons–$1 for all! ¬†The carrots for Easter bunnies and baskets, the apples for fall outfits, and the candy canes to use now.

2019 fabric sale 005

Below are the rest of the fabrics for doll clothes. ¬†Some are only fat quarters, so I’ll need to sew side seams on the skirt, but it’ll work fine.

I love yellow and the tiny bits of lavender and grey are really pretty with these shades of yellow.

2019 fabric sale 999

This fabric is a very pretty light powder blue. ¬†I hope the scale isn’t too large. ¬†Maybe it’ll at least work for my Kaye Wiggs’ dolls.

2019 fabric sale 994

Lily-of-the-valley!  My favorite flower!  Maybe this will become a pincushion.  The print is a little large, but I love it!


2019 fabric sale 002

I just realized that these look like daffodils, don’t they? ¬†They are very tiny.

2019 fabric sale 001

2019 fabric sale 995

Very soft and delicate. ¬†Isn’t it sweet?

2019 fabric sale 003

I wish you could have come with me! ‚̧


A Shivery Hello

Hi all. ¬†I hope you are enjoying the weekend. ¬†Right now I’m sitting in front of a¬†cozy fire. ¬†I don’t want to get up to do anything, so it’s a great time to write to you all. ¬†Outside it is raining quite heavily, and it’s not a warm rain, I might add. Our wind chill is 29¬įF (-2¬įC) degrees on this April 29th! ¬†Ugh! ¬†I’m dreaming of last weekend and earlier in the week when it was beautiful.

I find that I sleep better at night when I’ve been out for a walk (probably because it wears me out-ha), so I’ve been trying to walk daily. ¬†I took some photos last weekend and earlier in the week of how things are looking here in northern Illinois. ¬†I want to share them with you.

I often walk down this country road; it’s very peaceful and quiet. ¬†This crabapple in front of a little farmhouse was very colorful; I had to capture it with my phone.

coutry road 3339

violet carpet 3341

This is just a fraction of violets that covered a huge expanse of someone’s front lawn. ¬†They don’t last long though. ¬†When I walked past today, the flowers were almost all gone. I do love violets though. ¬†Even the heart-shaped leaves are pretty.

violets 3347

Back at our house we had tulip quadruplets in bloom.

tulips 604

The brilliant red violet lilacs have started blooming.

lilacs 596

Gina found this nest which fell out of one of the tiny lilac bushes.  She inspected it, and will be putting it securely back for mama robin to return to.

petite treasures 619

We have carpets of lilac phlox blooming around our property.

phlox 3350

Our apple tree is in bloom now, too.  I brought some branches inside last week, when they were beginning to bud, and they bloomed inside.

apple blossoms 588

apple blossoms 590

The daffodils looked pretty for a couple of weeks around Easter time.  Now, this is how they are looking.  I kind of like how they all dried up and seem to be stuck in this state.

daffodils 610

I couldn’t resist showing you this next photo of our backyard.¬†¬†I know dandelions are weeds, but sometimes I find them¬†kind of cheerful.

dandelions 597

Back in the studio today, my sweet Alice wanted to say hello. ¬†Alice is painted by Nelly Valentino. ¬†I think I only had to wait a year for her to arrive, she arrived last June. ¬†Don’t you love her brown eyes!

alice 613

Also, today I rinsed and preshrunk this bunch of fabric. ¬†There are a couple here that I will be using next. ¬†Even though it’s an extra step I like to preshrink all fabrics and cotton laces¬†because I often dampen when ironing and I don’t want some things shrinking more than others do.

04-29-17 628

I hope you are staying warm and dry wherever you are today.  Happy springtime!  Bye for now, and thanks for visiting with me today.