Turning One and WIP

Hello!  I hope your week is going great!

Thank you for all the comments and votes to help me choose my next doll dress fabric.  Not only did it make my decision super easy, but it also got me excited to start creating it.  I was amazed at how one of the four fabrics was the winner by far.  That was fun!

The floral print on the lower left was the winner.

blue fabric 5902

I was eager to start sewing , so over the weekend I got the dress completely machine sewed.  Yesterday I hand sewed the lining and added the snaps.

My Little Darling, Lucy, is the first to model this dress for you.  Sorry about her messy hair–she was busy playing with her sisters when I pulled her away for a dress ‘try-on’.  (lol)  I’d like for Gina to try this on too.  I think cool colors may be her thing more than Lucy’s.

2020-07-26 5932

Those blue flowers in the fabric match perfectly to this mohair/silk yarn.  I don’t have many fabrics that match this yarn, so choosing this yarn for the dress’s cardigan didn’t require much thought.  I liked the lilac too, but I’ve been able to use that color more often.

2020-07-26 5933

I used my Light Cardigan pattern for the sweater and knit the cropped version with short sleeves.  It was a very quick knit.  I started it one evening and finished it the next day.

2020-07-26 5934

Today I started embroiding the cardigan.  Since it is darker than the dress I am embroidering the roses in very light shades of blue, violet, and green to balance with the light dress.  I think the light colors of embroidery will keep a summery feel to the sweater.

2020-07-30 5964

More birthday news this week!  Our chihuahua puppy is no longer a puppy.  He turned one on Monday.  We baked a dog friendly pumpkin cake (used our muffin top pan), frosted it with plain yogurt and decorated the top with fresh blueberries.  We sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to him then both dogs enjoyed a little piece of cake which took them 15 seconds to wolf down. 😮

pebs birthday one 5943

We couldn’t get the ‘one’ candle to relight (we reuse our candles)–the wick broke off, so had to search for another.  We don’t usually allow our dogs on the table, but this was a special occasion. 🙂

pebs birthday one 5956

I’ll keep you updated on the progress of my new ensemble.  It’s moving along nicely.  Yay!

Take care of yourselves, my friends!  Thank you for visiting. ❤


9 thoughts on “Turning One and WIP

  1. Mary Lou Pollock

    Beautiful dress and I love the fabric. The sweater will be beautiful!

    I do have a question. Did you make the stand that the doll dresses are hung on?

    Thank you !

    On Thu, Jul 30, 2020 at 3:20 PM Cindy Rice Designs wrote:

    > Cindy Rice posted: “Hello! I hope your week is going great! Thank you for > all the comments and votes to help me choose my next doll dress fabric. > Not only did it make my decision super easy, but it also got me excited to > start creating it. I was amazed at how one of the f” >

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Mary Lou,
      The clothes rack is from a seller on etsy–NinaBella9 . I also purchased the hangers that fit the bars nice and snug. I think the hangers are 3″ and could be a tad wider for the Little Darlings’ dresses that have a wider neckline, but are fine when used with the cardigan on over the dress on the hanger. Thank you, Mary Lou. ❤

  2. Carol Cochran

    Hi Cindy, Happy Belated Birthday to Pebbles! So cute how you made him a cake. The dress came together quickly and I can’t wait to see how the embroidery on the cardigan comes out, you do such lovely work. I too think it would look great on Gina with her coloring. Glad to see you’re doing some creating again for the dolls as I love to see your work. I’ve actually bought some fabric that I’ve seen you use! I’ve been sewing for my Meadow Dolls, but will be sewing a quilt I need to get done quickly for my sister in law. I noticed in the picture where you are holding up Lucy all your yarn in the background. Storing it that way it doesn’t get dusty?

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Carol. Pebbles says thank you for the belated birthday wishes.
      I’ve been finding it difficult to find pretty florals lately. The current trend seems to be more graphic–also the colors seem to be either too bright or very muted. So glad I over bought years ago. Ha ha! I noticed that etsy still has fabrics from older collections though.
      Love the Meadow dolls. They have the sweetest faces. Wish I had the patience to get myself on a preorder list for one.
      I keep my extra skeins of yarn in plastic bags (guess they don’t show up in the photo) and the other stuff gets looked through and used frequently, so doesn’t sit still to get dusty. Also, my sewing room doesn’t seem to get very dusty–maybe because I keep the sunlight out??? Not sure why…, but happy it doesn’t.
      Thank you, Carol. ❤

  3. Joy

    Love the yarn and new dress match. Can’t wait to see the embroidery. 🙂 And you might be right about Gina on this one. Either one will wear it proudly. 🙂
    So fun to see the pup birthday. Our daughter and family always celebrate their cat Lucy’s birthday.
    I did order Mia, from Linda Macario. I’m sure the wait will go quickly or at least I hope.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you, Joy. That is so cute that your daughter and her family celebrate their kitty’s birthday. I’ve actually never heard of anyone doing that for a cat–so great! I’m sure Lucy feels very special on her day.
      Mia is adorable. I was SOOO tempted, but am having a hard time giving attention to the girls I have. So, that decided that for me. I, too, hope the wait goes quickly for you. ❤

  4. Terrigirl2020

    Hi Cindy, happy Sunday to you! You must have been really excited ! Oh Cindy this dress is just absolutely gorgeous, no other words to describe it! The cardigan is going to go so well with the dress. Lucy looks very happy to me wearing the dress, cant blame her. Gina will look really nice in it too. Happy birthday to pebbles ! That was a nice treat for the 2 dogs getting birthday cake. The 2 dogs look very cute together. Looking forward to see the completed ensemble, take care, Terri xo.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Thank you so much, Terri. The ensemble is completely finished now and Gina is indeed the one to wear it. It is perfect for her. It’s hard to believe our puppy is not longer a puppy–goes much too fast. I hope you are have a very nice week. Today’s weather was worthy of bottling; it was so perfect! ❤


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