First Week in August

Happy Sunday to you from sunny, hot, and very humid northern Illinois.

I’ve kept busy this week, but not sure where it all went to, which is probably the norm for me–the weeks rush by.  I had to look at my planner to see what it is that I happened to accomplish, or not accomplish this week.  (I guess I did enough.) 🙂

I finished my blue ensemble for the Little Darlings.  I am calling it “Summery Blue in the Garden”.  Here are some photos I took of Gina modeling it.  Thanks to all who helped me with my fabric choice.  I think you all picked a winner!

summery blue in the garden 599

summery blue in the garden 636

summery blue in the garden 654

summery blue in the garden 620

summery blue in the garden 632

summery blue in the garden 589

Another finished project this week–the second sock to complete a pair.  I also started another second sock that will complete another pair.  At one point I had four single socks completely knit (not much use to us).  I have two complete pairs and two singles left to work on.  My ‘four pairs of socks’ project is getting there.  This yarn is so bright; there’s going to be some colorful feet walking around here soon.

2020 socks 691

I also knit a shrug and beret for my next Little Darlings ensemble.  The beret is knit from my beret pattern.  The shrug (sorry, no pattern) is knit in a simple lace stitch pattern with a crocheted shell edging added once the underarm seams have been sewn up.  I’ve made lots of these in the past for the Little Darlings and the MSD sized Kaye Wiggs girls.  They seem to love them!

If you’d like to see more ensembles that feature shrugs here is the link that connects you to all my blog posts that were saved with the ‘shrug’ tag.  FYI, there is a group of words in the right sidebar (scroll down past my pattern covers and social media icons) where you can click on a word and see all of the blog posts that were saved with that tag such as shrugs.  The larger the word the more posts there are saved with that tag.


2020-08-09 684

We had a wedding in the family yesterday.  My nephew married his college sweetheart.  She is a sweet and beautiful girl whom we welcome into our family with open arms.  We are so happy for them both!

I hope you’ve had a fantastic week and wishing you a great week ahead.  Thank you so much for visiting with me today!  How was your week?  Any plans for the one coming up? ❤ ❤ ❤

5 thoughts on “First Week in August

  1. Joy

    Love the outfit even more with the accompanying sweater. So pretty and lucky model Gina.
    Maybe blame the inertia on Covid. Seems to have happened to lots of us during these times. Here, I’m working on a dolly tent. Taking forever. 🙂

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Joy. Thank you so much! ❤ I agree–strange times–taking a toll on all of us. I'd love to see your dolly tent when completed. It sounds really cute. You have a crew of lucky little girls. 🙂

  2. Terrigirl2020

    Hi Cindy, good morning from a humid Minnesota! We had some really nice days last week but the humidity has come back. I have to say that Gina is just so adorable in your summer blue outfit of the dress and shrug. She is looking fabulous. I also like the nice Flower Basket you created as well. When the winter months come it will be nice to walk around in such colorful socks! Congratulations to your nephew and his new bride it’s always exciting to have a family wedding to go to. I’m sure the bride looked very nice and I’m guessing you did too! We are having our old neighbors over for dinner tonight, and then on Sunday we are meeting up with the new neighbors who bought their house! Wishing you a lovely Thursday and the weekend ahead , Terri xo.


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