“Summertime Smiles”

Do you believe it is the end of August???!!!  Wow!  It’s been a good summer weatherwise in northern Illinois–we’ve had lots of hot and sunny days–lots of beautiful weather to smile about.  I hope you’ve had the same.

I recently finished a summery ensemble for the Little Darlings, and I want to share it with you.  Lucy (painted by Helen Skinner) is modeling “Summertime Smiles”.  We had a relaxing photo shoot in the backyard under the trees on one of those beautiful days.

summertime smiles 712

The creating of this ensemble started with the fabric.  I found this summery floral in my stash and wanted to use it immediately.  The graphic blossoms are in shades of bright pink, golden yellow, light aqua blue, and kelly green–all favorite summer colors of mine.

Lucy’s dress features tiny tatting lace hand stitched the the hemline.  A thin bright pink satin ribbon ties twice around her waistline.  Her dress is completely lined with white cotton lawn and all raw edges are enclosed within the lining.

Lucy’s knitwear is knit from hand dyed merino wool in bright pink.  Her lace shrug is knit in a simple lace pattern with a crocheted shell edging.  The beret is knit with my beret pattern and embroidered with coordinating flowers.

White cotton anklets, a colorful bracelet, and a two-flower bouquet complete the 6-piece ensemble.

summertime smiles 727

summertime smiles 732

summertime smiles 740

summertime smiles 736

summertime smiles 744

I hope you enjoyed seeing my latest make for the Little Darlings. Thank you for visiting.

Next up, are one or two apple orchard inspired ensembles.

Enjoy the week!  Take care and stay safe.  Sending you virtual hugs! ❤


6 thoughts on ““Summertime Smiles”

  1. jeanne poulain

    l’ensemble est très joli , le modèle cache épaule, ne plais beaucoup si vous décidez de vendre
    le tuto, je serai certainement acheteuse,si les explications peuvent être en français…….!
    Je serais également preneuse pour d’autres modèle mais je ne suis pas douée en anglais c’est pour cela que je vous les demande si possible en français……llll Mais comment vois les commander…..????
    Merci pour ces jolis partages et petites merveilles.
    bonne journée et à plus tard A
    Nanou91 (Ile de France)

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Bonjour Jeanne. J’aimerais connaître le français pour pouvoir traduire mes modèles pour vous. C’est tellement délicat – si vous vous trompez dans un mot, cela pourrait changer le sens de ce qui est dit. Ma fille a étudié le français pendant de nombreuses années au lycée, mais elle ne pense pas qu’elle pourrait le faire non plus. Je suis désolé. Merci d’avoir visité mon blog et d’avoir commenté aussi. Passez une bonne journée, Jeanne. ❤
      Hello, Jeanne. I wish I knew French so that I could translate my patterns for you. It is so tricky–if you get a word wrong it could change the meaning of what is being said. My daughter took many years of French in high school, but doesn't think she could do it either. I am sorry. Thank you for visiting my blog though and commenting too. Have a nice day, Jeanne. ❤

  2. Terrigirl2020

    Hi Cindy, we have definitely had lots of sunshine here like you. Some days have been really humid but others have had a nice breeze. It is going fast though and the kids are soon going to be back at school/distant learning. I am really smiling from ear to ear looking at the Summertime smiles ensemble! You have outdone yourself with this gorgeous outfit and all its feminine details! The floral pattern was a nice find , the lace tatting on the hem is so nice. Lucy is so happy wearing it, and the shrug and beret are the perfect compliment to the dress. Looking forward to the orchard ensembles, sending hugs back to you Cindy, Terri xo.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi, Terri. Glad to hear you have had sunny weather too! Yes, we too have had humidity. I’m not a fan, but humidity is part of summer in our areas. Luckily it goes away now and then. The strangeness of 2020 continues with the fall classes starting. My daughter’s college classes are all remote. So weird, but at the same time feeling relieved to not have to worry about getting sick from in session school. Thank you for the compliments on my latest ensemble for Lucy. I love sewing and knitting miniatures garments, and it’s nice to have a beautiful doll to show them off. Enjoy your week, Terri. ❤


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