This Week

Happy Saturday to you all!  I don’t have doll outfits to show you today, sorry.  I should have at least three by the end of next week, maybe more.

I do have some photos of works in progress and photos of a few “detours from work”, such as this pile of old cards that I dug out of my memories box.  Lately, and due in part to Pinterest, I have developed this nostalgia for vintage illustration.  Not only are these cards vintage, but they are from my loved ones, so are even more special.  (So glad I kept them!)  I even found a signature from my great grandma.  I long forgot how she would sign her name.  And, many are from my younger siblings before they had their own families; they would give a card together from the three of them, so long ago…

cards 605

bird feeder 637

The sun was coming up so beautifully this morning.  I went outside with my camera to see if I could capture the rising sun’s golden glow and long shadows.  I found our bird feeder empty and looking a bit ravaged.  Raccoons?  I think they are the only ones who could knock the tray down.  I know that the squirrels are mostly responsible for emptying the feeder.  They sit there, sometimes one on each side, for the longest time, and eat and eat.

02-23-16 588I dyed some rayon ribbon this week.  It took a few tries to get the right shade and then I ended up using a previously dyed piece.  Oh, well!

02-23-16 590

Earlier in the week some of these pieces were in progress.  Patience is now dressed in her dress and sweater ensemble.  She’s looking very cute, I might add.  The pink sweater (for Talyssa and/or Gracie) has been blocked and is waiting for embroidery.  The little yellow dress for Pukipuki is also waiting to be embroidered.

02-23-16 581

Another mid week shot of my work space.

02-24-16 602

That’s all I have for today.  Hope all of you have a relaxing weekend.  Bye for now!


4 thoughts on “This Week

  1. Susette Willhite


    The word “rayon” jumped out at me. Do you use it when dyeing ribbon instead of silk or do you also dye silk ribbon? What kind of dye do you use? Do you ever use polyester ribbon and does it “take” the dye? The books I’ve read state silk and polyester are not interchangeable. Are you will to share your source for silk ribbon? Very little is available in the stores here. Questions, questions!

    I always enjoy your posts and seeing your beautiful creations.

    Thanks for sharing, Susette

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Susette,
      I’ve been dyeing wool, cotton, silk, and rayon for years. Animal fibers (wool and silk) take a different kind of dye and process than vegetable fibers do. Neither is hard to do, but have taken a lot of trial and error to get the process where I am comfortable with it. I guess those are great blog post ideas… I haven’t found a dye made for polyester, so haven’t tried dyeing that type of ribbon. The silk ribbon that I have used ( is probably for embroidery, so it is very delicate. My rough wintertime skin snags on it very easily. I have used it for bows and such, but it is super delicate, have not used it in a while. Lately I’ve been using their rayon ribbon which I am happy with. Thank you, Susette.

  2. Joy

    Love the pink color yarn on which you are working. It’s a pink feast today. Wonderful.
    The only dye I’ve used is tea for a few things and, of course, the navy blue dye many of us olders used to use in the washing machine to darken old Levis. 🙂 Like Susette, I’m wondering what dye you use, not that I’d ever copy any of the lovely things you make.
    You’re so lucky to have saved the old cards. Love the graphics. If you email me your P.O., I’ll send you a couple I recently found.

    1. Cindy Rice Post author

      Hi Joy,
      If you read my response to Susette, you’ll get a little information on dyeing. It really is a lot to put in a response. There are many tricks that I’ve figured out through the years to make it easier for me, but the basics are all on the Dharma website. I really need to make dyeing into a blog post or two… I’ve used tea and coffee too, that’s fun. Thanks for the offer of vintage cards, that’s so sweet of you! I’ll get you my address.


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