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“Pastels in the Garden”

My Linda Macario’s Penny is excited and thrilled to show you her new springtime sweater dress.  We had a very quick outdoor photo shoot yesterday.  I had on my long down coat, but poor Penny was quite cold.  Ah, a career in modeling can be quite uncomfortable.  Anyway, Penny is fine today; she didn’t catch a cold, so all is good.

pastels in the garden 091

pastels in the garden 099

Our lilac phlox is blooming.  It is so pretty!

pastels in the garden 102

For Penny’s first bamboo sweater dress I tried to mimic the colors and embroidery pattern of “My Favorite Roses” which I just finished for the Little Darlings.  I do love pastels… A LOT!  Since Penny is quite a bit smaller than the Little Darlings the knitting of this dress was much quicker, so Penny should be the lucky recipient of many more bamboo sweater dresses.  She hopes so anyway!

pastels in the garden 160

Once we got inside Penny stopped shivering and relaxed into the photo shoot.

pastels in the garden 157

pastels in the garden 149

pastels in the garden 146

pastels in the garden 113

pastels in the garden 145

“Pastels in the Garden” will be available for sale tonight at 7:00 pm CST, to U.S. and Canadian customers.  I have been having problems with my website refreshing itself immediately for some customers, so you can now go to my website to view the page and see more photos and specifics about this outfit.  To be fair, I will not accept emails or contact forms for purchasing this ensemble until 7:00 pm.  And, please also only send a request once.  This ensemble will be sold to the first email or contact form that I receive at 7:00 or later.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me ahead of time.  Thank you!

“Patsy in Pink”

Well, finally… Patsy gets some attention around here.  Her last outfit was a Christmas ensemble!  Poor girl!  She is so patient though, not a peep or a complaint out of her.

Since Patsy has waited so long and shown such patience, I picked out one of my favorite (and hers too, I think) pink fabrics for her.  I used this fabric last year for Gina here.

patsy in pink 033

As you can see, this girl loves pink.  Look, she’s wearing Penny’s Boneka white leather shoes.  They fit perfectly with this outfit, and look oh, so cute!  I love it when the girls share.

patsy in pink 076

Patsy’s hand knit mohair/silk sweater shows off two mirrored image rose motifs in soft colors to coordinate with the dress.

patsy in pink 036

The sweater can be worn open or buttoned up with the little pink bead buttons.

patsy in pink 048

Patsy’s crocheted wide brimmed hat is made with three different fibers:  bamboo pink, a finer warm white cotton, and a pure white cotton.  The brim is edged with the bamboo pink to give a ruffly effect.  I happened to have another print from the same fabric collection, so I used it to make a band for the hat.  The mohair rose is crocheted as is the bamboo green leaf.

patsy in pink 035

patsy in pink 063

On Instagram I show this bracelet being made using my iPhone and the time lapse effect (wish it really went this fast!).  Click here if you’d like to see my video.  Also click here to see a time lapse video of Patsy being posed for her photo shoot.  FYI, I don’t think you need to have an Instagram account to view my photos and videos on Instagram.

patsy in pink 025

patsy in pink 026

Patsy’s “Patsy in Pink” ensemble will be available tonight at 7:00 pm CST.  Check the “Shop What’s New” page at

It’s Twofer Thursday!

Alas the week is nearly over… already, and I haven’t gotten either of these new ensembles for the Little Darlings available yet.  So, I’m offering them both at the same time.  Yippie!

First up is “My Favorite Roses”, a lilac sweater dress ensemble.  I picked my favorite pastel colors to embroider these roses.  Aren’t they yummy?  Both Lucy and Gina are here to model this sweater dress ensemble for you.

Bamboo sweater dresses are the perfect knits for warmer weather which we all are having, or wishing for at this time of the year.  This is the fourth bamboo sweater dress that I’ve made for the Little Darlings.  Last year I made one in natural, pink, and white.  If you want to reminisce about those sweater dresses you can click on the names of the colors.

my favorite roses 019

my favorite roses 850

my favorite roses 853

my favorite roses 013

my favorite roses 015

my favorite roses 006

Next up, is “Spring Beauty”.  I love this little cardigan so much better now.  I feel that all of the motifs are well balanced with each other and each one is a nicely composed bouquet.  Yay!  If you want to see how it used to look go here.  This sweater is knit with lace weight baby alpaca/silk yarn.  It is VERY soft!  I made the neckline a bit wider with a lace pattern edge.

spring beauty 023

Gina is modeling “Spring Beauty” for you.  I took advantage of our beautiful pink magnolia bush in bloom for a few photos with Gina.

spring beauty 992

spring beauty 886

spring beauty 924

spring beauty 921

spring beauty 001

spring beauty 933

“My Favorite Roses” and “Spring Beauty” will be available Thursday, April 21, 2016 at 7:00 pm CST.  Check the “Shop What’s New” page at