Daily Archives: August 15, 2016

Trying and New Beginnings

Hello everyone!  This weekend my husband and I dropped our daughter off at college to begin her freshman year.  We got her moved into her dorm room yesterday, in the middle of a rainstorm, on a very wet weekend!  We, and every thing got a little damp, but we got her moved in fine, nothing ruined.

I am very happy for her as she starts on this new journey in her life.  She is at a beautiful, faith-filled school; her cousin will be a couple of buildings away, and she has a loving aunt and uncle very close by.  I know she’ll be happy and looked after if she needs anything, which I am most thankful for.

I knew when my daughter started college it would be hard for me, but didn’t realize it would be quite this hard!!!  I am trying, really I am.  The tears come, and then I feel strong for a little while, and then the tears come back again.  I miss her terribly (already) and I’m not really sure how to get along without her as a part of my daily life.  I find silly things set me off:  her water glass with half a glass of water still left in it (as if waiting for her), her over filled hamper with the clothes she left behind, how she took the sheets off her bed for laundering even though I told her to leave them for me to do.  I keep wanting to ask her something, but she isn’t here; I guess I very quickly got used to having her at home this summer.  However, I need to remember that continual change is a part of life, and so, I need to figure out how to adapt to these changes.  So, I am trying . . .

I keep telling myself that I am blessed to have a daughter that I miss so much!  It helps (a little) when those tears threaten to start . . . yet again.

I managed to take a few photos of the beautiful campus, but mostly I was trying to keep my emotions in check.  My husband took a few also.

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ud 8-14-16 2859

ud 8-14-16 2860

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ud 8-14-16 -4

ud 8-14-16

Even our little chihuahua seemed sad to go.

Bye for now, and thank you for reading.  Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to get back to making things for the dolls.